OPI Nail Lacquer Atomic Orange and Brights Collection Kit: Review and Swatches

NOTD: OPI Atomic Orange Nail Polish Bright Collection

Oh yes I voted! It was my first time because I didn’t have my id before. You know how difficult the official paper work in India is. Anyway when the guy marked my finger I looked so disappointed that he had to ask “kya?” I told him it wasn’t dark enough..come on I had to most my NOTD with my first voter ink! I wanted a thin straight line but look at the mess. Super mad at the government

. I was wearing my new bright orange nail polish from OPI called Atomic Orange which I will review and swatch today. Its from the Brights Collection which I’ve a mini kit of. Oh btw you don’t simply ask who did a person vote for..its personal!


opi atomic orange

Atomic Orange is a bright orange shade with red tones. Its such a fun shade. And there is no yellow in it which some orange nail paints have and in turn make your hands look dull. In the photos the redness is not showing up but its a little more deep and bright in person. It totally compliments my Indian skin. And yes if you have got tanned hands then this won’t make them look dull.

opi atomic orange

It needs 2 coats to get opaque. But the formula is a bit thick and applies streaky so you need 2-3 coats of it to get an even finish. The wear time is good. It starts chipping from edges after 4 days and that is without a top coat. With a top coat your manicure can stay fresh for a week. The drying time is like any other nail paint


Its my first OPI nail nail polish and may be that is why I’m so excited. You know how difficult it was to buy OPI in India until last year. But now I see a lot of stores stocking it. I think every girls deserves atleast one OPI!

opi atomic orange

The one I’ve is a mini polish which is part of the Bright Idea kit. It has got 4 shades: Atomic Orange, That’s Hot Pink, Teal The Cows Come Home and Rapid Dry Top Coat. With the sky high price of OPI nail polishes in India, I think these mini kits are the best to try different shades and collections. I think I saw one at ASOS or Amazon.

opi bright idea mini nail lacquers kit

I will review all the shades shortly. I’ve tried the OPI top coat before with a nail art and my mani stayed on for 10 days. Its the best top coat ever!

opi nail brights collection

Pros of OPI Nail Lacquer Atomic Orange:

  • Bright summery orange shade
  • Brightens up my tanned hands and works well with Indian skin tones
  • The thin brush minimizes mistakes while applying
  • All the shades in the Bright Idea kit are nice

Cons of OPI Nail Lacquer Atomic Orange:

  • Needs 2-3 coats to get an even finish
  • The kit is only available at salons that stock OPI
opi atomic orange

Price: $20 for the kit

VNA Rating: 4/5

So is it for you? OPI Nail Lacquer Atomic Orange is a neon and fun orange with red tones. In these summers I’m only wearing my bright nail polishes. Or may be pastel. Or may be both together! I really don’t need to say much about OPI polishes except that they are the best. Although this one needs 2-3 coats to look nice and proper.

Product sent by the brand for consideration

Have you tried Atomic Orange? Share your views with us.

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