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Oops…..I Hauled Again!

makeup shopping online
makeup and beauty online haul

We have a dilemma here. Yours truly is officially confused now. I LOVE it? I HATE it? love hate..love hate..love hate.. ugggghhhhh! You people know how madly I love the weather we have right now in Delhi. Who doesn’t love rain? But the thing is its almost impossible to get good shots in this weather. It was so cloudy (don’t call it gloomy please) that almost all the photos I clicked came out blurry and dark. And I just hate to use flash. So bear with me people.

And yes as you can see I shopped hauled. Most of it is online stuff since I’m too busy with college to go out myself. Let’s start!

1. & 2. Skin Food BB Creams
3. Orange nail polish : a random buy at sarojini market.
4. Fuschia nail paint: again from Sarojini market
5. Lakme Nail Paint Remover: well I need something for the stuff at 3 and 4.
6. L’Oreal Infallible lipstick: I love this range. So apt for people who don’t like to touch up.
7. Colorbar Soft Touch Lipstick
8. My feather extensions in 4 colours!! *happy dance* Got them a couple of months ago. They didn’t come with clip-ons *sucks*. Anybody knows how to wear them? Anyone? Please its kinda urgent important come on I have waited so long for them. Mentioned them in my birthday wishlist.

feather hair extensions
hair extensions

Okay now comes the boring important stuff.
1. Aloe Veda Strawberry Shower Gel: I want people to say “there goes the girl who smells of strawberries”!
2. Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel : The. BEST. Moisturiser. Ever. Period
3. Lotus 3-in-1 matte sunscreen: its tinted (click for the review)
4. The Body Shop Rainforest Shampoos: got them in a sale a couple of months back. They are travel size. I did the math, the full size bottles come cheaper without any discount then the price I payed for the tiny bottles at 50% off. Me not going to TBS sales now.
5. Lotus Herbals Anti-tan gel

: already reviewed on blog.
6. Lotus Tea Tree face wash: its raining Lotus on VNA! But seriously the best face wash for oily skin after Cetaphil.
7. 4 packs of Hip Hop Cold Wax Strips: click for review. This time I got them in green tea! I might get the strawberry ones next!

toiletries shopping
moisturiser, sunscreen, shampoos, shower gel, face wash shopping
cold wax strips
Hip Hop Cold Wax Strips in green tea

What have you shopped recently?

17 thoughts on “Oops…..I Hauled Again!”

  1. ooooh I like the haul. Is skin food an indian brand or available in India? And waiting for the review of the colorbar lipstick :)

  2. Wow! Skin food looks good.Ur confidence in patanjali aloe gel has got me lusting aftr it. I too hauled from Urbantouch recently…..what a feeling!aaaah! :)

  3. hey even I wanted to get feather extensions for sooooo long but never get anything nice in delhi…
    btw where did you get them from.

    and i tried lotus tea tree face wash after reading on your blog and m veryy happy its super awesome.

  4. @Tannima thank you…..so happy to help! i got them online :)

    @goga no its korean. sadly not available here yet. sure will review the lippie soon :)


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