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Olique Anti Dandruff & Hairfall Oil Potion Review, Price: Normal, Dry Damaged Hair


Review, Price, Buy Online Olique Anti Dandruff and Hairfall Oil Potion for Normal Hair and Dry Damaged Hair

By Contributor: Sehej

Even though winters have got over, my tresses seem to still be stuck in the winter mode. Dandruff and dryness has always been a problem for my hair. I have dry and really frizzy hair and yes those fly baby hairs are out of control all the time. Reason why hair updos are not my forte. So when Olique launched the new Olique Oil Potion, I got really excited. I will review both the variants of the hair oil potion: dry damaged hair and normal hair.

Olique Claims: Olique Advanced Hair Oil Potion unique and advanced formulation is developed based on the genomic information of the Dandruff causing fungus known as “Malassezia Species” and advanced research on Hairfall control & Hair conditioning. Olique Advanced Hair oil potion works ALL DAY giving instant relief* from Hairfall, Dandruff and Itchiness ensuring shiny and healthy hair. Patent pending unique formulation design with Piroctone and Medium Chain Glycols (MCG)works 24 X 7 eliminating**Dandruff on continued usage. Unique blend of MCG with vitamins improves scalp condition and nourishes the hair strands from root to tip with deeper penetration and this visibly reduces Hairfall while ensuring shine and softness of the hair.

Clinical Results: Olique Advanced Hair Oil Potion for normal hair (VB-001) has been clinically evaluated for efficacy and safety as “Anti-Hairfall formula and Anti-Dandruff formula”. A 168 subjects randomized multicenter clinical trial of efficacy and safety as per GCP has been conducted in India in comparison with Anti Dandruff Marketed Shampoo has shown proven efficacy based on ASFS score, IGA pruritus and no side effects. More than 90% people reported “ZERO Dandruff*” after 2 weeks of usage. More than 87% people reported visible reduction in Hairfall within 2 weeks of usage. About 100% consumer reported Zero itch related to Dandruff within 2 weeks of usage

olique- anti-dandruff-and-hairfall-oil-potion-review

My Review:

This Olique Hair Potion comes in two different variants, one for normal hair and the other for dry and damaged hair. I used both but the one for dry and damaged hair appealed to me the most. I actually like how the product looks. It is a plastic bottle with a pump to dispense the oil. It looks very classy though as you rarely find hair oils with pump dispensers.

The Olique oil is quite light weight. The texture is quite runny however it does not create any mess. It is not sticky and there will be no discomfort that is usually caused by the regular sticky hair oils post application. It comes with a very feminine floral fragrance. I was happy to find a hair potion with mineral oil. It is advisable to keep it applied for a minimum of 2 hours and use approximately 5 days a week for optimum results. However, washing hair 5 days a week seems too much for me and hence I stuck to my regular routine. It leaves hair and soft and manageable after every wash. It does reduce dandruff to a lot of extent and hair fall as well. It works well as a finishing product too and I love using it for the purpose. It does not make my hair feel sticky and lump when I use it as a leave-in hair serum. It gives a mild shine. It helps with my fly aways as well. It doesn’t feel heavy at all provided you use very less product. Overall, it delivers what it claims and I’m pretty impressed by these Olique hair oils.


Good Points about Olique Anti Dandruff & Hairfall Oil Potion for Normal Hair:

  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Reduces hairfall to quite an extent
  • Eradicates dandruff
  • Does not weigh the hair down
  • Can be used as a finishing serum as well
  • Pumping mechanism proves to be quite convenient to use

Bad Points about Olique Anti Dandruff & Hairfall Oil Potion for Dry and Damaged Hair:

  • Travelling with it might be an issue since it’s a pump afterall


Price: Rs.185 for 90ml (for normal hair) and Rs.195 for 90ml (for dry and damaged hair)

VNA Rating: 4/5

Buy Online: amazon.in

Conclusion: It is a light weight oil that nourishes my hair well irrespective of its usage before or after cleansing. I would whole heartedly recommend this product. It lives up to its claims and till now I have not noticed after effect of this hair oil. You get two variants to choose from depending on your hair. I quite like the one for dry and damaged hair. Totally recommend.

Have you used Olique Anti Dandruff & Hairfall Oil Potion? Share your reviews with us.

8 thoughts on “Olique Anti Dandruff & Hairfall Oil Potion Review, Price: Normal, Dry Damaged Hair”

  1. Exactly after winter I have been suffering from dandruff but I used a shampoo and it reduced drastically but not completely!
    I want to get rid of it completely because it is affecting my hair, would you recommend me to use a oil similar to this or continue using the shampoo? Or maybe if there’s an article written in your blog about how to get rid of dandruff using home remedies, could you please link me to the same?

  2. I am totally fed up with those flakes of dandruff destroying the look of my hair. This one sounds promising, will check it out !

  3. I have used olique anti dandruff hair oil for damaged hair. It’s wonderful product. Itching completely stops. Ya hair loss too. The results are really good.

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