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Olay Total Effects 7in1 Day Cream Touch of Foundation SPF 15: Review, Swatches

Olay-Total-Effects-7-in-1-Day-Cream-Touch-of-Foundation-SPF15 -Review-Swatches-price

Review, Swatches, Price, Buy Online Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Touch of Foundation SPF 15 Day Cream

By Contributor: Agnirupa

Yo here I am back again with a skincare goodie from my favorite brand Olay (sorry l’oreal you have been demoted!) . I was already using the 7 in 1 day cream from the gentle range and was loving it until Ansh sent me this tinted moisturizer aka Total Effects Touch of Foundation Day Cream from Olay 7 in 1 range to try and I have cast my old one aside ever since! Read the review to know the details.

Olay Claims: Features and Benefits

– Reducing spots, this skin care product has a touch of foundation and gives you a sheer coverage.
– This foundation prevents excess dryness and keeps your skin hydrated for hours.
– Breathe life into your skin by using this foundation that helps you get a glowing complexion.
– Reducing fine lines and wrinkles, Olay Total Effects Touch of Foundation SPF 15 Foundation assures you younger looking and healthy skin that is supple.

Directions: Apply this foundation liberally to cleansed face and neck twice a day.

  • Moisturises and Smoothes Out Appearance of Wrinkles

  • Oil-free and Fast Absorbing

  • Helps Protect with SPF-15

  • Vitamin rich Anti-ageing Complex

  • Reduces Fine Lines

  • Evens out Skin Tone

  • Non-comedogenic

Olay-Total-Effects-7-in-1-Day-Cream-Touch-of-Foundation-SPF15 -Review-ingredients

My Review:

This olay day cream comes in the very familiar identical olay creams packaging – in a creamy white sturdy cylindrical bottle with a black pump dispenser and a transparent protective cap. It is so annoying to demarcate between the different creams and variants. For the life of me I cannot differentiate between my day cream, my day cream gentle version and this. I have to put on my glasses before applying it each time. Otherwise though, it is cute, hygienic and travel friendly!

The cream is very thick in texture, so much so that you need a teeny tiny amount and at first, the tint looks quite heavy and dark! I thought pakka its going to look heavy or orange on my skin. But thank goodness I was wrong. It did need some effort to spread the thick cream but once I blended in, the tint completely suited me and evened out my complexion, giving a very sheer coverage but with a radiant glow which I loved! My face looked very smooth and felt soft.

Olay-Total-Effects-7-in-1-Day-Cream-Touch-of-Foundation-SPF15 -Review-Swatches

It felt very nice and hydrating on me and not at all heavy (I have oily combination skin) but I am guessing the credit goes to the dry season! In summers, its going to be too heavy for me but as of now, I am loving the hydration and radiance! More re ason for dry skin ladies to try this out.

It has the similar claims as all the total effects products from olay do and though I have seen definite improvement in banishing dullness and plumping out the slight fine lines around my eyes, I did not see any improvement in my few acne spots but I cant blame the product as even with powerful Clinique stuff, they tell you to use it religiously for 12 weeks or more to see difference.

It is a lovely tinted moisturizer with a basic SPF of 15 for which I like it even more! The coverage, as I mentioned is very sheer and just acts to even out your complexion which works fine for me but wont for ladies with a lot of pigmentation issues.

It has a very nice mild powdery fragrance which is not at all overwhelming and I am quite fond of.

Olay-Total-Effects-7-in-1-Day-Cream-Touch-of-Foundation-SPF15 -Review-Swatch-before-after

The pros of Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Day Cream Touch of Foundation SPF 15:

  • Very convenient, hygienic and sturdy cute bottle packaging with a pump dispenser
  • Creamy tinted texture, disappears completely in skin once blended
  • Lovely as a moisturizer- hydrates my face all day providing a lovely glow
  • The tint helps to even out my complexion and makes my face look supple and radiant
  • Does not feel heavy/oily on my face
  • Has a SPF of 15
  • Mild powdery fragrance which is very pleasing
  • Did not break me out
  • Helped to banish my skin dullness and plump my skin quite a bit

The cons of Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Day Cream Touch of Foundation SPF 15:

  • Not pigmented enough to help act as a means of coverage for ladies with pigmentation issues.
  • All this similar packaging of all olay creams makes me go all muddly

Olay-Total-Effects-7-in-1-Day-Cream-Touch-of-Foundation-SPF15 -Review

Price: Rs.799 for 50gm

VNA Rating: 4/5

Buy Online: nykaa.com

Do I recommend? As of now, I adore this day cream and have been using it religiously daily leaving my usual gentle day cream as I love the supple look and radiant glow it imparts to my face! It hydrates my skin beautifully too and I need nothing else for my dry skin in this weather. It did not break me out as well and I would recommend you pretties to give it a try.