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All That Glitters IS Gold!

Second nail polish post in a week. Three more lined up. Not Bad. Verdad?
Say hello to Mr.  Ms.GG (gold glitter…dumb!). Get on your knees and bow down to her please. Who doesn’t like gold? I’m talking to your vault, yes your vault where you hoard all those gold biscuits and coins and nau-lakha haar. Who doesn’t like glitter? I’m talking to your sequined 6 inch heels and glitter studded clutches. So what if you get them in one…yes you gotta bow down to little
Ms. GG (at 16ml she is anything but little!)

glitter nail polish born pretty store

This giant bottle has tiny gold flecks which impart a lovely diffused golden shine. But what I love the most are the multi-colored hexagon pieces which add to the glitter fest on my nails. The consistency is a bit thick and you need a few coats to make it semi opaque. Below you see 3 coats of the polish. You can see my nail bed here in the pictures because of the zoom but in real life the glitter looks semi- opaque. But its not your full coverage opaque glitter polish, this is more of a top coat. The best part is that hides any imperfections and mistakes I do with my nail art. Yes I tried a few nail art designs with it and it looked pweeettyyy! I’ve been wearing this from a week and it has hardly chipped.

gold glitter nail art

Now looking at the pictures, I think I should have tried it over a gold polish…no wait..how about black polish? The contrast of gold and red, blue, yellow hex over a black polish would look amazing…man how do I get such ideas? *pats on the back* (goes back to her desk to try the combo)

glitter nail gold photos

I still cannot shell out so many bucks over OPI and Zoya, so I’m sticking to these polishes for now. The quantity is good and costs $2.85 (Rs.150). Right now, I’m enjoying my sheer glitter nails with sheer orange lips…summer’s here baby!

What do you think about my glitter nails?