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October Favourites ~ Makeup and Skin Care

Is there something as Yearly Favourites? Because if there is, I’m one of the most eligible candidates to write about it. This blog will celebrate its 1st anniversary in another couple of months and this is the first time I’m posting my monthly favourites. That doesn’t mean I’ve no personal favourites, it just means that by the time I realize that I should post last month’s favourites, it’s already mid of the next month! So this time I’m right on time *pats on the back*

Ladies and (oh well there won’t be any gentleman reading this) more ladies, I unveil my October favourites. *applause*

LBD talc, Deborah Milano Atomic Red Lipstick – 03, Maybelline My Mahogany, Avon Concealer, Oriflame tea tree oil, Nivea dragon fruit lip balm, Maybelline Colorma red paint (forgot the exact name!) and Inglot liquid blush 81

1. Pantene hair fall control shampoo
2. Pantene hair fall control conditioner
3.Liz Earle Hot Cloth cleanser – still in love
4. Liz Earle moisturiser – perfect for the current somewhere in between Delhi weather!
5. St.Ives Scrub – all time favourite
6. Fiama Di Wills shower gel
7. Wella Kolestint hair conditioner – this love happened when I ran out of my favourite conditioner and was in desperate need of a conditioner (what? there are things like hair conditioner emergencies too!

). This makes my hair soooo soft.
8. Dove Oil Care Mask – review coming soon
9. Cetaphil cleanser – back to my shelf again..winter time!

So these were my last month’s favourites. What are yours?

10 thoughts on “October Favourites ~ Makeup and Skin Care”

  1. I have been thinking about doing soemthing akin to this. Hey could you please review the tea tree oil and the Atomic red lipstick please?
    You got the Avon concealer!! Did you like it?

  2. even i have and love the nivea lipbalm..but my flavor is strawberry..! and i have used the pantene hair fall conditioner.. but didnt like it that much though.>!

    Do make this series regular..!

  3. @wynne welcome to VNA! ya the year went so fast, but happy happy :D

    @nivedita ay your service mam ;)
    yeah i did..still not sure how i feel about it

    @fathima ya we all have diff hair textures so diff products suit us. oh actually i’m keen on buying a new one but this just doesnt want to leave me! sure will try posting it regularly from now :)


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