Nyassa Handmade Soaps Reviews: Alphonso, Cocoa Butter, Cafe Noir, Berry Berry

Nyassa Bath Soaps Reviews Alphonso, Cocoa Butter, Cafe Noir, Berry Berry

Pittu Garam! You remember that game where you stack stones together to form a tower before getting hit by the opposite team. I never liked the game honestly..I was always the easy target! I was stacking these handmade soap bars from Nyassa, a bath and body brand, when I realized I just made the pittu garam (although we used to call it pitthugraam..wiki tells me other wise now!) After Lush’s exit from India we all have been searching high and low for a brand which can make bathing interesting again. Seriously when I don’t have any interesting soap or shower gel in my bathroom..I don’t bath at all! Today’s post features reviews on 4 soap varieties from Nyassa.

Nyassa Claims: We make some pretty fantastic soaps, all pure, natural and handmade. And the fragrance are simply out of the world. Our repertoire includes clear base soaps, olive oil soaps, loofah soaps and honey and oats soaps. Whatever your pick, we promise that your experience will be like no other.

nyassa alphonso soap

Nyassa Alphonso Handmade Soap:

Mango Butter: Acts as a natural moisturizer and rejuvenator. Makes your skin smooth and prevents roughness. Promotes healthy and rejuvenate skin. Mango Leaf Extract: Mango leaf extract has great wound healing properties and is a proven and effective remedy for itching. Raw Cane Sugar: Contains Glycolic acid which helps to condition and moisturize the skin. It also guards against harmful toxins.

It smells like meetha aam papad..the yellow one? Yes that’s exactly how it smells like. And when I cut it into thin slices it even looks like an aam papad slice in the bath. Probably the most beautiful looking soap out of the 4 I’ve tried. The fragrance is quite strong and that is why it lingers for a while after I come out of the bath.

Price: Rs.250

nyassa cocoa butter soap

Nyassa Cocoa Butter Handmade Soap:

Keep your skin healthy and nourished using this ‘Cocoa Butter’ soap from Nyassa. The vanilla extract improves the skin tone and prevents skin damage, while the dry fruit extract acts as an excellent moisturising agent and makes your skin wrinkle-free. Vanilla Extract – Vanilla Extract impoves skin tone & rejuvenates tissue. This prevents cell damage and keeps your skin healthy and nourished. Dry Fruit extract – Dry Fruits Extract – Dry fruit extract acts as an excellent moisturizing agent. It also helps in conditioning  and  is a natural defence against wrinkles

It smells like vanilla butter. One of the most delightful fragrances in the world. I love everything vanilla except for the ice cream which is too dull looking. This one is so smooth and actually feels like butter on your body. I got the sample bar to try but the original size has this dry fruits like thingy on the side for exfoliation. My favourite out of all the Nyassa soaps easily!

Price: Rs.300

nyassa cafe noir soap

Nyassa Cafe Noir Handmade Soap:

Coffee Extract – An antioxidant, it has excellent antiaging properties. Also, it promotes moisture retention and provides chemical free sun protection. Activated  Charcoal – A natural Antimicrobial, Charcoal draws out toxins and germs with its exfloliating action. It also helps fight acne, keeping your skin blemish free.

I had a lot of hopes from this one since I love everything coffee or chocolate. But over time I’ve come to realize that no bath product can smell or feel like chocolate or coffee. (ahem TBS Chocomania collection!). This one is no different. The fragrance is slightly soapish and powdery.

Price: Rs.250

nyassa berry berry soap

Nyassa Berry Berry Handmade Soap:

Strawberry Extract – Works as a natural antimicrobial agent and aids in softening, toning and moisturizing , keeping your skin soft, supple and healthy for long. Shea Butter – High in Vitamins A& E, this is a naural moisturizer and sun protectant, keeping your skin bright and lustrous. Raw Cane Sugar – Contains Glycolic acid that helps condition and moisturize the skin.

This one smells like berries. Not too sweet or fruity but just the right amount. Makes my skin super smooth and soft to touch. I just realised I’ve collected so many berry smelling makeup and skin care in recent years. From lip balms to moisturizers..I’ve got berries everywhere! This one is a mini sample bar.

Price: Rs.250

So is it for you? The Nyassa handmade soaps are rich moisturizing soaps which never make your skin dry. I skip my moisturizer when I use them and specially the Cocoa Butter and Berry Berry variants which feel like butter. They don’t loose their shape after continuous usage. What I do is cut them into thin slices before every use to make the soaps last even longer. I would love to see some more evolved delicious looking cupcake bars from them. They are all available online to buy.

Products sent by the brand for consideration

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