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Nivea Whitening Talc Touch Deodorant Spray: Review, Price


Review, Price, How to Use, Buy Online Nivea Whitening Talc Touch Deodorant

By Contributor: Aruna

Being a habitant of Mumbai, a deodorant spray is a must for me if I wish to be around people on a daily basis. Not that I am particularly smelly or anything, it’s just that living in a place which hits 40 degrees Celsius at the start of summer can make even a flower sweat like a pig. Usually my needs from a deodorant are pretty straightforward and simple. Long lasting, portable and nothing that makes me go into a fit of sneezes! All of us have heard about the new range of Nivea deodorants which claim to whiten underarms and are gentle on the sensitive areas. Well, I got Nivea Whitening Talc Touch Deodorant to check out if these claims were true enough or not! Let’s start with the review.

Nivea Claims: Nivea Introduces the new Whitening Talc Touch Deodorant that works like a Talc but doesn’t show like it. It‘s pleasant fragrance combines Rose & Lily of the Valley to deliver the perfect balance of protection & confidence and a sense of freshness & care. Contains Micro Powder: Precious mineral (Kaolin Powder) with Ultra-Light formula which gives soft, smooth feeling. It is an excellent absorbent and dries quickly, leaving no residue. Complete with LICORICE EXTRACTS that gives you even toned underarm skin from within and the confidence to Go Sleeveless.

Other Women variants available: Whitening Deodorant (Floral Touch, Fruity Touch, Smooth Skin, Sensitive) Pear and Beauty Deodorant, Happy Time, Energy Fresh, Fresh Natural


My Review:

Packaging: The nivea deodorant comes in a standard aluminium can packaging with a plastic cap on it. The pump is smooth and perfect. It dispenses just the right amount of product which is needed at a time. You do get a lot of product in the can which I think will last me up to 2 to 3 months which is always a good thing. Even though I love the way the pump function, my only gripe is that the head is not rotational. Most of the times while using this product, I am in hurry and my aiming skills are primary to say the least. The freedom of a rotational pump spray would have been extremely welcome. The packaging is travel friendly but it by no means something that you will be able to slip inside a small handbag. The length of it will not allow you to do so but it is sleek enough to be easily housed inside a regular sized handbag.

Scent: The talc touch deodorant claims to have micro powder and licorice extracts in it. Well, I am not quite so sure about the licorice part but it does have micro powder in it. This fact is further verified by the scent of the product. It has that typical feminine and powdery smell (reminds me of my mom!) which is stronger and more concentrated than the actual smell.

Texture: As I said before, this whitening deo does have micro powder in it which makes the underarms feel smooth and dry on application. It also has a cooling effect when sprayed which feels soothing, now about the whitening and lightening effect, I am not quite so sure about that. I mean, I don’t have any pigmentation as such but I did not see this product aggravate my skin also. So this product falls in the neutral zone for me. If you are a person who does have darkness and pigmentation under your arms then I don’t think that this sensitive deodorant would be cure for it. Daily moisturising is the key to it!

Staying power: Let me just put it this way, you apply this once, it will not budge. I am however not so sure about the 48 hour claim made on the bottle because I and every other person has a bath every 24 hours. I apply this talc deodrant in the morning after shower and this stays till I reach home in the evening! The 48 hour anti perspirant claim though is doubtful in my opinion. Yes, it does control sweat for the first 3 or 4 hours but after that nothing much happens. The best part is that not once do I find a trace of body odour on me when this is on even if I have been outside for the whole day. You can bid adieu to reapplication with this one!


Pros of Nivea Whitening Talc Touch Deodorant Spray:

  • Staying power
  • Feminine scent
  • Does have powder in it
  • Smooth dispenser
  • Doesn’t aggravate Sensitive skin
  • Sturdy Packaging
  • Affordable
  • Available to both online and in local stores

Cons of Nivea Whitening Talc Touch Deodorant:

  • I would have liked a rotating head (my aim is terrible)
  • Packaging is not exactly travel friendly size wise but you don’t need to reapply


Price: Rs.199

VNA Rating: 4.5/5

Buy Online: flipkart.com

Conclusion: If you are on the lookout for a deodorant that lasts a long time and has a beautiful scent to it, then this is the perfect choice!

Have you used Nivea Whitening Talc Touch Deodorant Spray? Share your reviews with us.

53 thoughts on “Nivea Whitening Talc Touch Deodorant Spray: Review, Price”

  1. Nice review and after reading your review. I will sure buy one for. Thanks for giving genuine review

  2. I bought this yday.. It has a really nice smell and smell stays for long.. Eager to see whitening result.. :)

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