Nivea Q10 Massaging Stretchmark Oil: Review, Price

Review, Price, Buy Online Nivea Q10 Plus Massaging Stretchmark Firming Body Oil

By Contributor: Rini

Nivea recently launched 2 products in its Q10 Plus range, one is a firming body lotion and the other is the massaging stretchmarks oil. Before trying out Nivea Q10 Plus Massaging Stretchmark oil, I thought that such oils are beneficial only for the expecting ladies. I am not expecting and neither is anybody in my family! But during the exam vacations, I went for binge eating and got myself some fats in thighs and arms, not to mention love handles. As a result, my thighs and waist have developed some stretch marks and I tried the Nivea firming oil on those marks and now I’m ready with the review.

Nivea claims: Nivea Q10 Plus Massaging Stretchmark Oil is a powerful formula developed by Nivea with multiple benefits for your skin:

  • The caring formula gives you a soft skin feeling.
  • Suitable for massaging skin imperfections such as stretch marks.
  • Firms your skin within 2 weeks.
  • Moisturises your skin intensively.
  • Improves the natural beauty of your skin.
  • It absorbs quickly and helps to improve the condition of your skin.

Directions: Massage into the areas of the skin where it is needed most at least twice a day.

My Review:

Q10 Plus Massaging Oil comes in a transparent and subtle yellow colored bottle. The plastic bottle comes with a screw cap and looks pretty. The outer carton of the massaging oil mentions all the details related to the product. The oil is transparent and mildly scented. It is very runny and lightweight. It gets absorbed properly into the skin and does not leave the skin sticky or greasy. The mild fragrance of the Q10 stretch mark oil is a big bonus as it is very uplifting and pleasant.

I apply Nivea Q10 oil after bath and before going to bed, making it twice a day. I apply the oil evenly on my thighs and waist and love handles. A few drops are enough to cover a large area because it is very runny and lightweight. With a slight massage on our problem areas, we can see it getting nicely absorbed. It immediately leaves the skin smooth and plump. I have been using this Nivea oil for like a month now and some differences are visible to me.

The stretch marks I developed on my love handles and thighs are fading gradually and the skin texture has become smooth and even. I can also feel some plumping action by this Q10 plus massaging oil. I think, with one more month of usage, the marks will go away completely.

Pros of Nivea Q10 Massaging Stretchmark Oil:

  • Inexpensive and good looking packaging.
  • Mild and pleasant fragrance.
  • Fades stretch marks over a span of 30-40 days.
  • Leaves skin soft, plump and smooth.
  • Non-sticky, non-greasy and lightweight.

Cons of Nivea Q10 Massaging Stretchmark Oil:

  • Not travel friendly.
  • Takes some time to show visible effects.
  • I am unsure about the results on belly stretch marks and those of the expecting ladies.

Price: Rs.375 for 200 ml

VNA Rating: 3.5/5

Buy Online:

Conclusion: Overall, Nivea Q10 Plus Stretchmark Oil is an effective and budget friendly stretch mark oil. With its lightweight consistency, pleasant smell and plumping and smoothening actions, I do not have much to complain about this product. With some patience, I can see my marks fading. However I am not sure how it would work during pregnancy. It is suitable for all skin types and I would recommend it to people looking for a cost effective solution for stretch marks.

Have you used Nivea Q10 Massaging Stretchmark Oil? Share your reviews with us.

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  • I never knew Nivea has luched a stretchmark oil, would surely give it a try ! Beautifully reviewed dear !

  • I am going to try this, hope this works on me too. Compared to Bio oil this is way cheaper. Lovely review :)

  • for me only bio oil worked on my stretch marks...never saw this product earlier!

  • not seen this one in stores yet but a products from nivea, must be good :) nice review

  • I never knew about the existence of this product, though I am happy it works doesn't matter slow or fast.

  • I've been using Bio oil and have seen this on Myntra some days back . .I was confused about which one to get and later on got the Bio oil .. Lovely review, after I finish the Bio oil I'll definitely try this one.


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