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Nivea Body Talc Musk Powder: Review, Price


Review, Price, Buy Online Nivea Musk Talc Body Talcum Powder for Men

By Contributor: Aruna

It has been a long time since I have actually used talcum or body powders on myself. On a normal day, I just spritz some deodorant under my arms and walk or run out of the door in a mad hurry! But as we all know that deodorants do contain stuff that is not particularly good for one’s skin made me switch up my powder game. This was also fuelled by the fact that the rising level of humidity was leaving my body sticky and my mind annoyed. So when I got my hands on this nivea musk talc powder

which I will review today, I was more than happy to take a few minutes of my morning routine to dust this on my back and all those areas that make my clothes stick.

Nivea Claims: Nivea Musk Talc gives you reliable protection against body odor for all day long. Its gentle fragrance stimulates you and leaves you feeling refreshed and cared for


My Review:

The Nivea talcum powder in Musk comes in a large navy blue bottle and contains a ton of product in it (400 gms). The packaging isn’t exactly travel friendly because of its size and also because I think that the plastic is flexible so it won’t be able to take a good shove well. The dispenser that comes on top of the bottle, function smoothly and easily dispenses the product.

The texture of the powder is smooth and soft. It is very finely milled which means that it spreads on easily on the surface of the skin and instantly makes things non sticky. Its absorbing properties are fairly good and it easily last for about 3 to 4 hours in the sweltering hot Mumbai sun. Though, I do suspect it would last longer if you spent that time indoors.

The scent of the musk powder as it is written on the bottle is that of musk. Now this scent is a difficult one for me to explain but I shall give it my best shot. It is just one of those scents which at first seems masculine or meant for men but as you keep smelling it, you realize that it has different accents to it which makes it feminine too. Anyway, the scent of it is absolutely beautiful and I think that Nivea has it spot on! There are not many powders that get the musky scent right, either it is too light or too strong but this one has achieved that middle ground which makes it a pleasure to use. The scent also hangs around a few hours after the powder has faded away which is a definite plus point!

However, one must remember that this body talc powder doesn’t have any medicinal properties to it, so if you are suffering from rashes this will not help in curing them. Overall, I think that Nivea Musk body powder is a total win for me. It has that perfect musky scent that I have always been a fan of and it does linger around for a while. It is one of those unique scents that can be used by both men and women which enhances it multi-purpose qualities. I do wish that they came out with a smaller bottle though!


Pros of Nivea Body Talc Musk Powder:

  • Has a beautiful musk scent to it
  • Prevents stickiness due to humidity
  • Scent lingers around even after the powder has faded
  • Affordable
  • Has a decent staying power
  • Availability
  • You get a lot of product in one bottle (400 gms!)

Cons of Nivea Body Talc Musk Powder:

  • Packaging is not travel friendly


Price: Rs.140 for 400gm

VNA Rating: 4.5/5

Buy Online: flipkart.com

Conclusion: If you are on the lookout for a body powder this summer, then I suggest that you check out this one. It smells amazing and hangs around for a decent amount of time to make you feel fresh!

Have you used Nivea Body Talc Musk Powder? Share your reviews with us.

83 thoughts on “Nivea Body Talc Musk Powder: Review, Price”

  1. I am a lover of musk and Nivea is giving too much quantity for the price they have kept, would love to try this up.

  2. Nivea pure talk is harm to our body,experienced personally got itching and can’t handle
    My suggestion you would go though components first


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