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The New Smurfs Lost Village Trailer Is All Kinds of Amazing!

Even if you are an adult or a kid, sitting in a dark hall and taking an adventure trip which has been created with superior, brilliant animation is a joy in itself. With several animated movies coming out this year with their fun plots and twists, I can’t help but immerse myself in their world even if it’s just for a few hours. That’s the thing about movies; they let you live a completely different life in your mind. Animation pictures in general provide a higher level of satisfaction with their incredible sets, colours and characters. While I couldn’t help be Belle in my mind when watching Beauty and the Beast, I can’t wait to be Smurfette in the new Smurfs movie, The Lost Village


This year promises to be a major lift for women. Playing out my favourite heroine in a movie helps me inspire and empower myself. Unrealistic as it may sound, I enjoyed the hours I spend being Merida and Elsa. Now I can’t wait to be Smurfette, the beautiful, blonde blue smurf who is the only girl in her village who takes an adventure of a lifetime as she travels to find the lost kingdom. Accompanied by her loyal friends, I can’t help but imagine how powerful Smurfette will be in this movie as she leads 3 male smurfs to their destination.

The new Smurfs The Lost Village trailer itself was a “workout for my eyes” as I couldn’t help my eyeballs from scanning every corner to take all the details in. Replaying the trailer several times, I hungrily took in the brilliant colours, extraordinary animation and flowers eating smurfs! I imagine it’ll be hard for Smurfette to reach her destination with her companions who stress eat and finish their rations while separated, worry about not working well in dark because they are a mess during day time as it is and discovering a village which has been lost for years!


The boys never thought that the lost village would be this difficult to find! While I am looking forward to watch the adventure they go on, I am pumped to see what hilarious trap Gargamel, the classing bumbling villain, who is accompanied by two smarter pets, lays for the smurfs. His witty comebacks, creative trap imaginations and annoyed pets as a treat itself. However hard it might be for the smurfs to tackle Gargamel, I wish I was a part of their world facing him as well. Why? “I want much more than this provincial lifffeeee” Too soon? Yeah.

While I eagerly wait to see Smurfette be a hero, I am equally excited to find out who exactly are the people from the lost kingdom and how is it going to affect the existing smurfs. While I imagine it’ll be great for Smurfette to learn that there are several female smurfs out there, how are the new smurfs going to react to the boys? Agh! So many questions and the possibilities are endless!

I played Merida, Pocahontas, Belle, Elsa and now I can’t wait to be Smurfette, while I watch her on the big screen. If it were possible, I’m sure rainbows would be coming out of my mouth. I can’t wait to go on a new journey and completely submerge myself in a new land, full on adventures, in a tiny blue body.