New Pumps – Black or Gold?

For the first time ever I missed having Instagram on my phone. For the first time ever I missed having a girl friend around. For the first time ever I appreciated having a SA around. For the first time ever I felt so helpless!! You know I told you in my anarkali post

that I wanted to exchange my shoes for something much higher. So I went shoe shopping yesterday. But this time I took my father along instead of my mom because of his super good convincing skills. But my new hair (more on it later) did the work easily. I had planned a super long speech on why I wanted to exchange those black sandals but I blurted out the truth about wanting something much more higher and posh . And he agreed in 10 seconds. Woah! I’m super bad when it comes to lying btw..I stammer and my face gives it away       anyway.

I spotted these super pretty pumps in 3 colours: silver, black and gold. I don’t like silver so that was ruled out.


  • black looked super posh and rowdy. All I needed was a whip to look…..a dominant? “I exercise control in all things, Miss Steele”
  • The golden was perfect to go with all my Indian outfits.

I walked and walked around to summon all my wisdom and power..for something to hit me suddenly with all the answers..I wanted to ask sailor but well..sailor was sailing (something that annoys me a lot)..I asked papa but his face clearly said “pick whatever! they are all same!”. So finally I asked the guy who was showing me the shoes. I looked at him totally helpless and he asked me to pick the golden pair. So golden it was!

Although now I feel I should go back and get the black pumps too. Or they would keep disturbing me. Plus after discount they costed me 750 bucks!! Yes that is an omen, right? Maybe I should get that pair too? Or should I wait for another black pair of super pretty and super inexpensive shoes to walk up to me? Super confused!

I came back and measured the heels. They are 5 inches. Well they look 6..but okay! I will look for black shoes in 6. Usually I’m always the shortest in a room….but not anymore baby *evil laugh*

Btw I went for hair spa on the same look out for that post.

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  • Both look adorable and girl that is some height!!!
    5! Liked the mint pant too..hehe

  • Definitely Golden !!! they are WOW!!! Lady I m jealous ...these ones are for Rs 700 bucks ONLY ????? Seriously :O:O !!!!

    • haha!! even i couldnt believe dat at first. I kept asking d guy to check again!

  • When I first saw your feet with the black & gold stilettos along with the caption "Black or Gold" I instantly went Gold Gold Gold! So when I finally read, you actually picked the Gold ones I felt satisfied. But were you serious when you said Rs.750? Really? Then definitely go back & pick the black too (I would have). Classic stiletto pumps stay in vogue forever after all. I wish I could lay my hands on them too :(( But good things never come my way (I live in Kolkata & my options are very very limited).

    • yes 750..dey were on sale. I'm sure there must be good stores in kolkata too..check dem during the sale season..u get such amazing deals!

    • Payel, check out the basement shops at Shriram Arcade!!!!! They are AWESOME! My friend got awesome pumps for 650! And I got ones with spiked heels (they look super cool) for 750. They have a HUGE variety of shoes, slippers, bags, etc. LOVE THEM! And there is rampant bargaining!

  • Yipeeeee ! You picked the Golden one ! Same choice if you had asked me :P Glad you picked it !

  • u shud've called me babe :*
    n i got black 5 inch pumps for 650 *evil laugh*


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