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New Louboutins Inspired By Bollywood!

The makers of the prettiest shoes in the world, Christian Louboutin has launched its new S/S 2012 collection inspired by our Hindi film industry. They have a lot of embellishments, spikes, studs and sequins. I would like to call it “ShahenSah” inspired collection. Remember Amitabh Bachhan in that spiked jacket? “Rishte mei toh hum tumhare baap lagte hai…naam ha shenshah…hain?
” Hahaha!

men's christian louboutin shoes

amitabh bachhan shahenshah movie bollywood

You can also see the jodhpuri influence in the embellished 6inch killer heels. And not just pumps, this collection has an amazing range of loafers and shoes for men. Apart from that, I can see some studded handbags and cluthces as well.

christian louboutin spike stud pumps sandals gothic edgy
christian louboutin women sandals embellished pumps
jodhpuri embroidered sequined mirror pumps shoes girls
snake skin sequined glitter pumps louboutin
pumps shoes bridal louboutin
louboutin bridal red hand bag
boys guys men shoes louboutin new collection
louboutins bollywood collection new
louboutin new bollywood s/s 2012 collection

What are your views? Well what should I say? Although I’m quite pleased that Bollywood is getting this much attention, the spikes and studs are oh-so-over-the-top! But the embellished pumps are oh-so-beautiful!
By the way, its the first time I visited the site and the design and graphics are reallyyyy nice!

14 thoughts on “New Louboutins Inspired By Bollywood!”

  1. wow these seriously look so bhartiya!!!! hahahahha… where do u get all this stuff (info) from!!! awesome :D

  2. I am a louboutin freak. I love him SO much. However, these new Bollywood inspired louboutins remind me of Gujrati accessories you get from Janpath. :P
    The spike pumps and those golden spike loafers are my favourites!


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