4 New Lakme Enrich Matte Lipsticks: Review, Swatches

Review, Swatches, Shades, Price, Buy Online Lakme Enrich Matte Lipsticks

Of late, most of the makeup brands have become extremely forthcoming with their target audience and product usage. The kind of people using a product, the timings, the application, the usage, the occasion, everything is pre defined to give personalized dedication and feel. Keeping the same ethos in mind, Lakme has recently launched a new range of lipsticks, known as Lakme Matte Enrich lipsticks. These are like the Enrich Satin range except that these are supposed to matte and not satin. This range has four categories or sub shades OM- Orange Matte, WM- Wine Matte, PM- Pink Matte and RM- Red Matte. I will review and swatch one shade from each shade category: om10, pm11, rm13 and wm10.

This range comes after the satin range of lipsticks by Lakme. You can say, this is an upgrade in Matte version. Lakme enrich Matte Lipstick is available in twenty shades. I got four shades, namely, om10, pm11, rm13 and wm10, obviously one from each range. Each range of these lakme lipsticks has been designed keeping the skin tones in mind, orange for the super fair to medium indian girls, Wine for dark indian women, Pink for fair to medium skin tones and Red for medium to dark skin tones. This concept deserves an applause as we have varied skin tones in India. In fact, my skin tone changes with each weather. During summers, I appear to be super tanned, even if I step out for ten minutes in the sun, and winters make me a tone or two lighter. I want a range which has every shade to suit the demands of my super fussy moody skin tone.

I am yet to come across a woman in India, who has not applied or used any Lakme lipstick once in her lifetime. Lakme is the French equivalent of Lakshmi, the Indian goddess of money and prosperity, and this name was chosen to give it a more exotic and urban appeal.

My Review of Lakme Matte Enrich Lipsticks:

About the Packaging: These lakme lipsticks are available in a silver colored swivel-up tube. Okay, that’s just a better term for that twist case. The cap is transparent, and helps you in identifying the shade without actually pulling the lipstick out. The silver color looks too tempting, and has a matte like feel on the surface.

Fragrance: The not so good part about this lakme range is the smell. It has a strong fragrance, which might bother you initially. Within thirty minutes of application, the fragrance evaporates and it feels normal as usual.

Pigmentation & Texture: The texture of these new lipsticks is supposed to be matte but it feels creamy on application. The lakme shades are totally devoid of glitter. All the colors are sheer but can be built up easily, and they do not drag out even for a moment. All the matte shades are not evenly pigmented, some are while the others need a few swipes.

They appear to maintain the ’matte only’ clause not really well. But given how buttery and creamy the enrich satin lipsticks are, these feel more matte compared to them. So its relatively matte. The shades do not look over the top.

Application: For many of us with dry lips, application of a lip balm before applying this range is highly recommended. The enrich lipstick is a creamy matte from the house of Lakme, and does not promise to moisture the lips. In fact, before you apply any matte shade, apply one stroke of lip balm and then get on to the Matte.

You will have to be careful while appling the lakme lipstick though, as it is really not that smooth. The application is streaky in the first coat so you need to build up the colour for it to look pigmented and even.

Experince with Each Range:

All the four lakme enrich ranges have a wee bit of differences which are explained below

Swatches left to right:

1. Lakme Enrich Matte PM11:

The Pink matte is a fine lipstick. PM11 a bright fuchsia pink shade. It handles all the skin tones well. Though this is not exactly as smooth as expected, it still gives a decent finish after 2-3 applications. A third stroke will make the shade a little more intense!

2. Lakme Enrich Matte WM10:

WM, the Wine matte, is more like a warm plum shade. Use it with neutral eye makeup. You have a plum gloss or lipstick, forget every thing else then. WM10 is rather sheer but looks pigmented after a few swipes.

3. Lakme Enrich Matte RM13:

RM, Red Matte, is maroon, and gives a perfect blood reddish maroon look. Great for evenings and parties. RM13 is again a little sheer so you will need to build it up.

4. Lakme Enrich Matte OM10:

OM, the Orange Matte, is the smoothest and spreads like molten butter. The pigmentation is even, and does not bother at all. The best amongst the entire range. OM10 is a bright brown orange shade with superb pigmentation but creamier texture. Mine broke during transit which is why it looks like I dropped it!

Quality: The quality of this enrich matte lipstick range is just fine, neither great nor poor. For an average day, this will be definitely a useful product. The point Lakme trying to make here is, making average woman look sophisticated and elegant, without burning a hole in the pocket.

Price: Rs.295 for one lipstick. Love the price.

How Did I Feel after Using it? I would say I was just satisfied after using these new lakme lipsticks. The lipstick range ordinary, and makes you the same. Nothing gung ho about it. W.r.t. to touch ups, I had to touch up (yea, I do not like that term, but no option) after three hours and twenty two minutes, to be precise. Yes, I did time it.

Pros of Lakme Enrich Matte Lipsticks:

  • Attractive, fantastic packaging.
  • The range of colors are good compared to the earlier lakme lipstick. There is one shade for everyone.
  • The price is even and suits girls on budget! Most of the times, the matte lipstick, is overpriced.

Cons of Lakme Enrich Matte Lipsticks:

  • Stay on power is not beyond three and a half hours.
  • You will need a lip balm before apply this lipstick if you have dry lips.
  • Little disappointed with the smell.
  • Not travel friendly.

Price in India: Rs.295 each

VNA Rating: 3/5

Where to Buy Online in India:

Will I Recommend This Product? Yes, to college girls. I would want Lakme to re look at the formula though. We want a matte lipstick which stays on longer. It is difficult to tell which shade to buy. I am not going to recommend any specific shade, if I had my way, I would have bought all twenty in one go. For daily usage, say, if I have to step out in the market or attend a meeting at work and come back, this is a good product. Easy to apply, and makes me feel elegant for sure.

To be honest, I never felt made up after applying these lipsticks. A lipstick should never make you feel like you have something on your lips. Many a times, a lot of lip glosses make it a little difficult for me to speak without eating them. A Few lipsticks even have this superb quality of bleeding from the corners (the branded ones as well!) without you realizing the same. This lakme range, will stand the test of time for sure!

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