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4 New Faces Ultime Pro Matte Lip Crayons: Review, Swatches


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If you want soft, creamy, long -lasting lipsticks in vibrant shades, look no further than these luscious ultime matte pro lip crayons from Faces Canada. I usually don’t like sharpenable lipsticks and lip crayons because of the sheer amount of product wastage but these are different. I have four new shades to review and swatch today which are Not So Wine, Red Fantasy, Pop Out, and Girl Next Door. All the shades are so different yet very very wearable. Some of them are dupes of popular mac lipsticks. They also have eyeshadow crayons if you want to check out. Let’s see how they fare.

Shades Available: Pop Out 18, Divine Rose 10, Girl Next Door 16, Pink Pout 15, Put Me On 13, Not So Wine 17


My Review of Faces Lip Crayons:

These lip crayons come in a chubby packaging with a see through cap. There are a total of 17 shades available in this matte lip crayons range. Faces Canada is currently giving a sharpener free with every crayon. First, let me describe each shade for you:

  1. Faces Red Fantasy: A very blue-toned red which is a close dupe of MAC Ruby Woo.
  2. Faces Pop – Out: A creme orange shade which is milky-toned.
  3. Faces Girl Next Door – A very pretty rosy everyday shade.
  4.  Faces Not So Wine: A Berry toned wine shade.

If you have to ask me, these 4 shades give you a complete lipstick collection as you are set for all occasions. Red fantasy is a perfect shade for weddings and fancy dinners. Girl next door is a great shade for work and everyday outings. If you are looking for a wine berry shade, Not so wine will be your best friend in winters and Pop Out will be a great summery day brunches and holidays shade. Smoking Hot shade from this range is another orange shade but that is more rich and vibrant and not so milky pale. If you love orange lipsticks, go for this shade. I do not use orange lip colors much. I am more into deep dark shades or neutral rose shades for everyday wear.

The texture of the faces ultime pro lip crayons is soft and creamy. They set to a matte finish once settled and look very polished. I do have a bit of trouble sharpening the crayons as the texture is very soft but I keep these faces lip pencils in the fridge before sharpening them. The staying power is great with 6-8 hours of wear.

I have been using Red fantasy a lot this wedding season and get many compliments for the color. The best thing about these matte pro crayons is that they look matte but are not uncomfortable on the lips. The pigmentation is very good as one swipe gives opaque color.

All the other shades are fine but pop out clings to dry patches on the lips and fades very unevenly. You need to moisturize your lips before using these faces lip crayons as matte lipsticks tend to make the lips look dry if not used correctly. I normally use a light lip balm before applying these.


Another great thing about these four faces matte lip shades is that they are very close dupes of cult MAC lipsticks at half the price. Girl next door is very close to Cosmo and Mehr . Not So Wine is a dupe of MAC Rebel. I am loving all these three. Pop Out is one which i do not wear often as it washes me out. It is a great shade for beach holidays and summer pool parties but i do not see myself wearing it too often. I am going to try smoking hot and midnight rose shades next from this range.


Pros of Faces Ultime Pro Matte Lip Crayons:

  • 17 vibrant shades for all occasions.
  •  Smooth buttery finish and soft texture.
  • Long staying power and comfortable finish.
  • Free Sharpener with every crayon which works well.
  • Pigmentation is good as one swipe gives an opaque finish.
  • Good packaging and quality.
  • No feathering or fading till you do not eat heavy meals.

Cons of Faces Ultime Pro Matte Lip Crayons:

  • The shade pop out is not suitable for Indian skin tones in my opinion.
  • These are expensive but the quality is really good.
  • Sharpening leads to wastage of product.


Price in India: Rs.799 each

VNA Rating: 5/5 (4/5 For Pop Out)

Where to Buy Online in India

: nykaa.com

Conclusion: I love these faces matte crayons because of the ease of use and colors. All the lip colors are gorgeous and I am going to use these a lot more in the coming days. The texture is very soft and buttery. I am going to try more colors from this ultime pro matte range soon. There are so many shades and matte lovers are going to love this range from Faces Canada. Have you tried these lipsticks from Faces? I like chubby lip crayons and have used many but these are really good in terms of quality and shades. Go check them out if you haven’t already.

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12 thoughts on “4 New Faces Ultime Pro Matte Lip Crayons: Review, Swatches”

  1. I love almost all shades of this range. I am using spiced latte and Divine rose! It is just perfect! have never found a matte lipstick so comfortable. These two are my daily lipsticks. Not getting enough! And it is minus any fragrance which makes it my fav.

  2. I am absolutely in love with these lip crayons. The best part about them is their formula and the texture is so smooth and they are travel friendly as well. You don’t have to go through the hustle. It’s so easy to apply. Faces is definitely becoming my go to brand when it comes to kajal and lip crayons.:)


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