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Neon + Lime Green + Peplum + Dalmatian = CRAVINGS!

neon green dress

No no these aren’t “those” cravings. I’m too young for that. This is “ahem” another type of craving. A cr aving where you get sort of obsessed and develop a girl crush. In this case, the crush isn’t with the girl but the dress the girl is in. Frankly I don’t even know who she is. Saw her last night on India’s Best Dramebaaz

. Saw it for the first time yesterday and the kids were so funny and talented!

But to educate you guys a bit, lemme Google her name.

Okay so the girl in question is Adah Sharma. She was on the show along with Juhi Chawla to promote their latest movie “Hum Hai Raahi Car Ke“. Has the movie released yet? I need to keep up!

But let’s just call her the Girl in Neon Peplum Dress, sounds much better. Right?

leopard shoes

So yes as soon as I spotted the dress in a sea of Anarkalis and other tacky gowns (which was quite easy) I was hooked. When I asked my mom for her opinion, she said “Tu isi colour ke pichhe kyu padi rehti hai? It’s about the kurti, isn’t it?” And then it hit.

I have this fixation with a lime neon kurti in a store in Kamla Nagar. But it’s so bloody expensive for a kurti. Seasons change but the kurti still hangs there gathering the dust. Recently they had this sale going on and I entered the store full of hopes and dreams and aspirations and optimism and ill–  okay so you got the idea. But that bloody  green kurti was still not on sale. And what more? It was under the ‘New Arrivals” section. Waddafuq!

So I marched to the SA and very very politely asked her “How the hell is this kurti under the new stock!! I’ve seen it hanging there from months. Do you want to sell it or not!!

I didn’t buy it. End of story. Or not if I try going again once….just stop…STOP.

dalmatian shoes white

Coming back to the Girl in Neon Peplum Dress, she even paired it with white dalmatian shoes. What more, she kept the attention to the dress by going light on makeup and other accessories. This is one stylish girl. She is going to go places, I’m telling you.

neon peplum dress

So what do you think? You have cravings like this too?

9 thoughts on “Neon + Lime Green + Peplum + Dalmatian = CRAVINGS!”

  1. This post has just made me aware of exactly how much TV I’m not watching! Who is she???

    I love that colour though. I’m too much of a wimp to wear a bright number like that but I have a kurti that’s this colour and pink which I love!! :)

  2. Hey anshita!
    I so love ur blog! I’ve been a silent spectator for quite some time now. I love the quirky way u write ur articles :)
    Coming to this one, that girl is the one who played the ghost in 1920! She’s a freaking awesome actress n WOW at her dress n shoes! I’m in a I love green n neon phase too!
    p.s I think u should just pick up that kurti, u’ll never be truly satisfied otherwise ;)

    • Hi Ritika, glad you commented today. thank you so much!
      coming to this girl, 1920?? really?? now you say it then i can see it..omg!!
      I think i will get the kurti now :)

      and don’t be disconnected again..stay in touch :)


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