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Neon Coral Pink Matte Lipstick: Reader Query

coral bright lipstick

Sneha says “Anshita I mailed you a month back. Girl where are you?! Anyway I’m asking again. Please tell me which lipstick is this lady wearing in the photo (attached). Its a coral pink. I’m in love with the colour! Plzzzzz tell me!

I’m sorry! Honestly I got your mail the first time but forgot to reply. Your mail box should remind you of the mails left unanswered….. there should be some kind of an app for that! And the lipstick,

 I love it too!

I’ve no doubts that the bright lipstick in question is Mac Party Parrot. Party Parrot becomes life of any party with its neon pink matteness with coral notes. It was launched with a LE collection some time ago so I’m not sure if you will get it. Try the Select City Walk mall for the Mac store, they are always good with their inventory!

If its sold out then don’t worry, rumours say that its a close dupe of Mac Impassioned . Its another bright pink from Mac. You could also try Pink Pigeon. That’s a matte bright magenta pink.

PS – I’m currently testing L’Oreal Pink Passion. Its a very misleading colour. In the tube its coral, on the lips its neon pink. I will let you know of its wearable enough for my medium skin tone.

PPS- Why are all the bright lipsticks named PP?? Is it a secret code in the lipstick world or something? Alpha we have released 55 PPs from Russia. Over. Charlie 100 PPs on their way to India. Over.