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Navy Girl’s New Year Outfit and Makeup

pink polo winter jacket new year outfit

Winter Outfit of the Day: Navy Girl’s New Year

Happy new year people! This is my first post of the year and my first proper outfit post….not a co-incident, ofcourse I planned it! This is now official..sailor has got no clue when it comes to photography! I had to instruct all the time “yes plz sit down and make me look taller” “nooo no left profile..only right” “it should look natural na” “don’t ask me to smile..I gotta look intense”. I’m glad I have a few pics which actually turned out well.


winter sports jacket outfit

I’m in love with American Swan because of the exclusive navy collections they come out with. This quilted light pink Pittsburgh jacket had me hooked from a long time. I used to put it in my cart and hover over the buy button for hours daily and then GOSF happened and it came down to half of its original price. My only pet peeve is the size! I’m a size S in most f the Indian brands but when it comes to UK and US sizing, I am XS..only now I know. And by the time I found it the xs was already sold out. So it makes my shoulders look a wee bit boxy and the sleeves are a little long but who cares..its sporty and its navy!

american swan tote bag winter jacket

And this is my latest obsession at the moment – AS tote bag. Although the site shows a male model carrying it..reminds me of Joey and the man’s bag Rachel convinces him to carry! (season 5) Although it gets dirty too soon so I’m always careful when I carry it.

pink ganji jacket outfit post

People..is it possible to distribute some of your belly fat to your face and hands?! I don’t know why but I put on weight only on my lower body while the rest of me looks skinny. This is urgent!

winter outfit makeup blog

My camera refuses to capture my makeup properly..as always. So I clicked a few phone selfies. Yes the theme had to be pink and blue!

new years makeup beauty blog

outfit makeup new year blog

winter pink makeup outfit of day

My hair are now half of my length and they definitely need a hair cut. Laser – same old same old. Although I vowed I would never colour my hair but this ombre hair trend has gone to my head and before I do something totally stupid..somebody stop me!

winter outfit post navy girl

All packed up!

winter fashion blogger outfit of day

It started drizzling while we were shooting so that made it all the more fun!

Alright I cheated yet again. This outfit isn’t exactly new year’s but a couple of days before it but since I didn’t go out on new year’s I refuse to admit it *grumpy face*. It will always be called my new year outfit okay!

All these weeks when I wasn’t blogging, I felt……incomplete. Its like an addiction..only its not illegal. My exams finish next week (my univ has this reputation of ruining Christmases and New Years since 1998) but I’m still gonna blog regularly now.

Outfit and Makeup details:
Jacket, Handbag – c/o American Swan
Jeans – GK
Lips – Colorbar Mad Me Pink

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