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The Nature’s Co Berry Lip Balm ~ Like Berries On Lips

I’m going for Housefull 2 tonight…there I said it. No questions. I know I know! But you see my punjabi family is a bollywood forced comedy buff which means I have to bear Golmaal 1-2-3, Partner, Tess Markhan, Dhamaal, Dhol and the likes every freaking Sunday! So please pray that I return with my senses fully intact. While I go through the torture (sorry Sajid Khan for pre-judging but its just I know the level), I’m leaving you with lip couture (sorry for the rhyming…I can already feel Sajid Khan inside me!)

the natures co berry lip balm

I got this balm in the chilly December last year but could not make the most out of it due to its hard texture. I had to scratch it out with my nails to take it out and warm it. Come February and its my at home favourite berry milk shake. It has now softened up and makes for a delicious indulgence. Apart from the fun taste and fragrance, it actually works to heal chapped lips and keeps them moisturized. The best part is its light and doesn’t give that oily balm shine. The shine which looks greasy and not watery, so not happening right? So it looks like you have naturally well hydrated lips without giving away an obvious balmy appearance. Another thing I like is that you can actually wear it under your lipsticks without messing up the lipstick application. And since its colourless it won’t alter your lipstick colour. I’m not comfortable using tinted lip balms at night, so this one serves the purpose.

And I talk about packaging only if its something very different and nice…which this has! The weird angle that the lid makes is what I find the most attractive. I like to show it off on my vanity!

Animal lovers here is something you would love, they don’t test on animals and their products are completely natural.

lip balm chapped dry lips
natural chapstick lip cream

Price: Rs. 225 ($4)

So is it for you? If you are looking for a natural lip balm which repairs and moisturises your lips and smells like berries at the same time. You can wear it under your lip colours without altering its colour and application since its doesn’t feel heavy. But its not a winter balm since it gets dried up which makes it difficult to take it out.

Product sent by the brand

10 thoughts on “The Nature’s Co Berry Lip Balm ~ Like Berries On Lips”

  1. This is too bad. I was looking at their chocolate lipbalm for a long time. Good that I waited up for sometime.
    Hihihihi! Best of luck with the movie! Come back and recount your gruelling experience :P

  2. Berry balms just what I need in my life right now, weekend mall ratting & this lip balm is high on my agenda :) BTW your posts weren’t appearing on my blogger dashboard & today whooosh a whole bunch of them showed up together, good I can have my fill of your posts :)


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