Nature’s Brilliance by Sue Travel-With-Me Fragrances

So in continuation with my perfume fixation, here are two more perfumes for you to look at. These days I can’t help but dig in ebay for some really nice bargains. For now, these two perfumes from the natural/organic line by Nature’s Brilliance By Sue.

First up is the solid perfume. This is 

All Natural Travel-With-Me Solid Perfume in Rainforest

Its my perfume-on-the-go. I carry those small satchel bags and you know how ‘spacious‘ they are, so I carry very few can’t-do-without products: Lip tint, kohl, compact, comb, wet tissues and a solid perfume.
This was the first time I tried a solid perfume and it was kinda fun to use! It is in the fragrance “rainforest” and has this peppermint kind of effect. No not the cooling effect, but the cool light smell which is fresh and has base notes of cucumber but is very hard to detect. Its very very light and I prefer not to wear it while going out with friends (they would hardly notice it!) but with him when I know I’m going to be cuddled and touched and smelled (uh-okay!). It lasts for 2hrs on me and after that I have to sniff really hard to smell it.

Price: $5.00 (Currently on sale for $4)

And this one is the All Natural Roll-on Perfume in Oriental Gardens


This one is a roll-on and is so cute. You can get an idea of the size from the picture that how it fits into my palm. It has this sweet vanilla fragrance with hints of jasmine. You can smell the jojoba and other organic essential oils present in it since its all organic. So, if you have a thing against essential oils smell, then you may not like it. I too have a like-dislike relationship with it. When I got it, I liked it so much and wore it for days but now I’ve kinda outgrown its smell. It lasts longer than the solid perfume and comes in a green glass tiny bottle which is prone to breakage if you drop it. Also, this could also be taken easily in your bags and purses since its so tiny.

Price: $10.00 (Currently on sale for $8)

Are they for you? Yes if you are on a budget and are into organic stuff. These are mild & fresh and good as on-the-go perfumes. These are freshly made on order and contain organic essential oils and they do not contain any alcohol and phthlates.
You could also use my coupon code ANSHITA10 to get 10% off.

And excuse me for not-so-good pictures since these were taken from my mobile camera. I’m looking fir a new camera, nothing fancy but something which would be good for makeup blogging. I’m on a lipstick spree these days and have so many reviews and swatches pending. So suggest me if know anything good please.

Disclaimer- Product sent by the PR and the review is the true account of my experience.

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