My Haul and Experience

What is that feeling when you look at a dress in a sale you were searching for from ages..and that too at a mind-blowing price? Buy..Get..Grab..Snatch….SNAP IT!! Well that exactly is the name of the online shopping website I’m going to introduce here today. Every time I look at the package, it takes me to the Black-n-White
era somehow!

I came to know about this site when I saw its ad showing up on my blog. Check out the list of brands they have. The list has got almost everything I need. Moreover, if you have trouble finding Oriflame reps, then you can order directly from here. Apart from a lot of foreign brands, I’m specially happy about OPI (another..ahem..order..ahem).

Apart from beauty and makeup, they have a nice collection of Personal Care tools. I was planning to get an epilator (sick of waxing you see), so may be ahem..another..orderrr..ahem..

I specially like their interface, very easy to navigate. And I can quickly add products to my cart without having to go back and finding the product again (we all have experienced that, right?)

As for payment, they have the usual  debit/credit cards, net banking, COD, etc. They charge Rs.30 for shipping. And you have to pay extra charges to avail the COD option which again is available in selected cities only. I went for net banking but I so wish for a free COD (its available in my city) from them, when every other website has got free shipping in this age!

I placed my order on 4th Nov and it was delivered on 8th Nov (including a Sunday and a national holiday). Super fast!

Let’s move to the haul, shall we (my favourite part :D )

Look at packaging girls..not one..not two..but three layers of bubble wrap! I had a fun time popping it!

And here is my order..

Aroma Magic Mineral Glow scrub (review soon), Maybelline lipstick in.. (well that would be revealed later), Elle 18 top coat #27, Colorbar Instant Cover Up Stick concealer and Ponds TM. If there is one product I would keep purchasing through out my life, it is the Ponds TM. HG material girls. I have now lost the count of number of tubes I’ve finished. (I’ve already reviewed it here)

So that was my haul. By the way I just checked a new feature there, Tag Your Lifestyle. Its something like where you tag ad share products you like. Will check more on it.

I truly liked shopping from here and totally impressed with the service..highly recommend! I just wish they introduce free shipping and COD (anybody listening..?)

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  • OMG I am going to buy Pond's TM now. I probably don't want to live without it too because you don't want this.
    And hellalujah!! we have websites growing in Indian like mushrooms in monsoon. again a wrong and petty example but this is what it is all about. :p

  • And they have oriflame which is awesome. Guess what, I became Oriflame rep myself so i could have an access to all Oriflame products I have been lemming. Crazy girl!!

  • Love your haul! I guess ordered a bit too early from them, no snazzy packaging. In fact, the stuff was sent in those cardboard kind of rolls.

  • Hey great haul!

    I got Pond's TM after reading ur post- M liking it in winters... in summers- my skin repels anything i put on it! :P

    I guessed it....
    U got Maybelline's Coral Pink :D Great choice!
    I have it and i LOVE it soooooooooo much!


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