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My HG Facial Hair Removal Tool – What, Why, How!

My Favourite Facial Hair Removal Tool at home – What, Why, How!
I HATE beauty parlours. There’s something about the atmosphere that repels me. So I try to make a mini-parlour at home. Smart, no? I could do everything at home- hair waxing (thanks to cold wax strips), facials, blackheads, etc. (Ya I know its tough being a girl).
BUT the facial hair always used to escape. Annoying little monstors. I can’t bleach my face because me skin is very sens itive. So I had to drag myself to those parlours every 20days to get the threading job done. I hate plucking my eye brows…it hurts! Plus it takes ages.
So I would go to parlours to have someone do my eyebrows and thread the upper lip.

facial  hair removal device spring
Spring Hair Removal Tool

BUT…..not anymore!

I hauled some hair tools and accessories from bornpretty a while back. This cute pink thing removes every bit of hair on my face.

Why I prefer it over any other hair removal method?

  • It pulls out hair from the roots so they won’t grow back soon. Neither will be they thicker.
  • Saves you from hot burning wax! (If you don’t know, we have special type of wax for hair called katori wax)
  • Its easy and quick. It grabs a bunch of hair at a time….so itsn’t a slow poison!
  • You don’t treat your skin with any harsh chemicals unlike bleaching or hair removal creams.
  • You can carry it in your bag and take it everywhere.
  • Saves you some bucks and more important that routine parlour visit!
facial hair removal
facial hair removal at home

How to use the Spring It Epilator?

  1. Take the spring and make an inverted U, like in the picture above.
  2. Now bring this to the area you need to remove hair from say your cheeks.
  3. Hold both the handles in either hand and start rotating those handles in opposite directions with your thumb.
  4. And at the same time start moving the tool in an upward direction. So now you are both rotating the handle and moving the tool at the same time. (The rotation will make hair get stuck in the spring and the upward motion will pull them out so make sure you do it quick)
hair removal women
Women hair removal

And its done! Go to each section of your face like upper lips, chin, cheeks, forehead to work on the hair. I don’t advice you to do your brows with it. And anyway the eye area is so small that you can’t fit it in there and roll. Also clean it free off any hair after every use. The spring is supposed to work for atleast an year before it wears out.

Price: Its dirt cheap at less than $2
Availability: bornprettystore

Does it hurt?…..ummm..ok yes it does! Come on you are pulling your hair out of the roots, what do you expect? But no pain no gain honey.

So is it for you? Are you a girl? Then you do!

Ohhh but I still gotta go parlour for those brows…only if I could pluck.

20 thoughts on “My HG Facial Hair Removal Tool – What, Why, How!”

  1. Oww!Oww! Sounds painful! I think it’s the fact that it’s a metal spring that’s making me clutch my upper lip in horror! LOL! I’m sure if I try it I’ll like it though. I’m just too lazy to do these things at home. -__-

  2. i have d exact same feelings fr parlours
    and fr eyebrows I googled on you tube for threading eye brows and now I am able to do even that

    u also try it’s easy only just a little patience n practice is reqd

  3. Thanks for this!!! woww… ok.. where to get it from??? and compared to threading on upper lips, how much did it hurt you? I can’t talk general cos everybody’s tolerance level is different ;)

    An exciting International Giveaway on my blog- Win a Pair of 3D Glasses :)


  4. I’ve read about this long time back on CZ’s blog and was quite intrigued by the product… but never dared to go searching for it…Currently happy with my Braun SilkFinish Precision Trimmer :) Nice review!! :D

  5. I’ve tried it and I loved it because it was so easy to use and it wasn’t that painful. BUT a few days later I got the worst breakouts ever. Not even sure if they were breakouts but the areas I treated were covered in red pimple-like dots. It looked like I had some kind of disease. I think I might try it one more time just to see if that was the cause.


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