My HealthKart Haul + Experience

With everything being so easily available online, I hardly go to shops now. Ofcourse buying from shops always feel nice but it has its own catches:

  1. You have to get ready and it just takes forever! So, by the time you are ready, the person who agreed to accompany you, has changed his/her mind.
  2. The bargaining you generally do is nothing compared to the online hefty discounts..oh well.. ;)

I recently shopped at and did a mini haul. Here is what I got:

Deborah Milano Atomic Red Lipstick, Elle 18 nail paint, Vaseline body lotion, Listerin mouthwash, Garnier baby shampoo, Lakme dual sharpener, Aroma Magic sunscreen.

I’m so so excited about this lipstick since its my first Deborah purchase, I like the name ;)

And these are some samples I got with my purchases.

Some highlights:
  • They have free shipping on all orders above Rs.500
  • Apart from credit/debit cards, net-banking, etc., you can avail the Cash On Delivery option too. Their are no extra charges for that.
  • They give upto 35% discount on beauty products.
  • If your order is above Rs.750, you get freebies along with your purchases..yes!
  • You get some samples too along with your order.
  • They are adding more and more brands to their catalogue. Infact I personally asked them to add Maybelline..and its coming soon!
  • You could use discount codes to get some additional discounts, which they come up with regularly.
The interface is friendly and easy to use. The only hitch is that you can’t see if a particular product is out of stock. You would only know if you click on that particular product. Also, I would like to see Nyx, Elf, Colorbar and many more brands there. In short it really is a one stop shop for all your needs.
I placed my order on 9th October late at night and got it last morning. Just 3 days, which is pretty fast.
If you are planning to buy something, than you can use my code (Anshita4E898FMX) to get some 100 bucks off on your purchase.

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  • Would like to see how that lippie is!
    Baby shampoo is for your niece I guess :)

  • @cheeky hey..i dont think they ship internationally but you still check and confirm

    @uzma i will review it soon. naah..d baby shampoo is for my makeup brushes!! :)

    @mitr will sure review it soon..d shatpener is really nice

    @kuheli ur welcome :))

  • I have never used brow wax but i so want to do that. :) And so many hauls... i am loving it. Talk about a shopaholic. :) You are also Listerine fanatic...I am like crazy. have to have one!!

  • No sweets!!I don't dilute Listerine (I know it burns more than red hot iron) and keep it for 30 seconds (nearly) and spit it out. Don't gargle for next 1 minute. There is one more post on Dental care which is sitting my draft for 2 long days... I'll post that today and hopefully you should be able to read that tomorrow. that's on Floss.

    Yeah, about BB cream... hun I'll post that by tomorrow too and you'll probably laugh when you know that it doesn't match my complexion AT ALL. But i'd post anyways. :)hugs and kisses

  • Hi Anshita, great to get your feedback and nice to see you enjoy your shopping experience. :)


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