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My Envy Box Review: December 2014 Christmas Edition


Review and Price of My Envy Box 2014 December

I swear I just got up after a good 16hr sleep. Thats me in winters. Even though I love the cozyness it brings, it totally makes me lazy (I ditched a derma visit yesterday and a facial appointment today) Yep thats me again. I guess its time I start thinking of my 2015 resolutions. While I struggle to get out of my blanket, you go check out my review and the products I got in the very festive red and gold Christmas

beauty box this month from My Envy Box. Yes it’s the December box. When I first opened it, a strong mix of fragrances hit me, and that’s when I knew this tiny box is holding a lot of sweet smelling promises.

my envy box december 2014 review

Samples in My Envy Box December:

1. Bomb Cosmetics Bath Mallow: Rs.195

Yaaayy bath bomb!! I’m so keeping this for a pampering weekend. It smells amazing and I can’t wait to see how it turns out in my bath.  I so wanted a bath bomb but ever since Lush closed down in India I was bummed. Buhht I’m holding onto the promises Bomb Cosmetics have made. Plus 200 bucks is very affordable. I’m torn between cutting it into 2 halves or using it full in the first go. I guess I would go the full road!

2. Paco Rabanne Lady Million Eau My Gold: Rs.4900 for 100ml

Never heard about this brand before but I am liking the fragrance. Plus these perfume vials keep me going while travelling. You will always find one in my bag.

3. Sugandha Sweet Orange Lip balm: Rs.600

Another new brand. Not exactly premium but they gave a full sized pot of citrusy lip balm which I am liking. Its so difficult to find a lip balm which smells of anything apart from berries. Tried this last night, lemme know if you want a review on it. I will probably review it on my Instagram.

samples in my envy box

4. L’Occitane En Provence Ultra Rich Body Cream: Rs.2990 for 200ml

The last time I travelled to Mumbai the L’Occitane samples turned out quite useful, saved me the trouble of carrying the full sized bottles. I’m hoping to use it next month on my holiday. Ssshhhh can’t reveal more!

5. Babor Intense Balancing Cream: Rs.4900 for 50ml

Okay so this is the most expensive sample in the December box. I’m hoping it will live upto its name!


Price: Rs.850

So is it for you? The December 2014 My Envy Box will make for a great christmas present

given the festive red and gold packaging. We also listed more secret santa gifting options if you are running out of ideas. Overall this box was lovely and the star product turned out to be the cupcake bomb!

Have you tried My Envy Box December? Share your views with us.

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  1. Same pinch here! I find it difficult too to get out of my blanket but as my didi is here ( she works in Bangalore and we live in Kolkata) she made plans so that I can get up early in the morning and can skip my favourite afternoon nap. We saw three movies together.
    But right now my mood is not ok because I quarrelled with my mom.


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