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My Envy Box October 2014: Review #VogueEmpower

my envy box october vogue anniversary issue 2014

My Envy Box 2014 October Review 

I hope you had a very happy diwali guys! Honestly Diwali as a kid was much better. Atleast you could burst crackers and full enjoy diwali with patakhas! Now that you are a pathaka, you can’t burst them. PJ! Mine was same old. Diyas..lights..pooja..etc. Plus VNA was having a lot of issues at the tech back end from a few days which I’m sure you all must have noticed. So my time was spent on addressing them. Continuing the festive spirit, here comes my review of October My Envy Box which is their Anniversary box and also curated by Vogue for the #VogueEmpower campaign to empower women rights. This one came with a lot of samples along with a very festive gold packaging. Let’s see how this one fares and what all samples I got.

my envy box october 2014 review
my envy box october 2014

Clinique Take The Day Off Make Up Remover

A very generous sized sample of the Clinique makeup remover. It won the Vogue Beauty Award as the best makeup remover and I can’t wait to try it.

clinique take the day off makeup remover review
clinique take the day off makeup remover

Skinyoga Sandalwood Saffron Face Mask

I loved the Skin Yoga scrub in one of the previous My Envy Boxes so I have high hopes with it. How cute is the cork packaging.

skin yoga sandalwood saffron face mask review
skin yoga sandalwood saffron face m ask

H2O+ Sea Salt Hydrating Body Butter

H2O Samples are always decent and this one is no different. Although I have a pile of lotions and butters but….Winter is Coming! (see what I did there?)

h20 sea salt hydrating body butter review
h20 sea salt hydrating body butter

Estee Lauder No. 1 Serum Advanced Night Repair

Umm can’t be mad at Estee Lauder for the small sachets since they gave a card that I am gonna show next. So all is good and btw this serum is known to work nicely.

estee lauder advanced night repair recovery complex
estee lauder advanced night repair recovery complex

Sebastian Professional Potion 9

How much I love my HG Sebastian shampoo and conditioner. I’m sure this would be equally good. This one is a styling cream and the sample is quite thick.

sebasitan professional potion9 review
sebasitan professional potion9

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

Okay Clinique..whats up with this one? I love the makeup remover sample but you could have given atleast 2 sachets of this one like cutie Estee did (yes we are buddies..why? will show you in a week) Its a great moisturiser for dry skin btw.

clinique moisture surge extended thirst relief review
clinique moisture surge extended thirst relief

Tatouage Ephemere Temporary Tattoo

I didn’t notice it and only realized its a tattoo after going through the cards. I will probably use it on my arms or maybe naval for a wedding.

temporary body tattoo jewellery
temporary body tattoo

And guess what? L’Occitane spa card worth a 1000 bucks. You can get all sorts of spa services like mani-pedi, facial, etc with it. Also Estee Lauder gave this scratch card which you are supposed to use at one of their counters and get an extra sample along with a makeup tip. So yep Estee Lauder redeemed itself!

estee lauder loccitane voucher

Price: Rs.850 (buy here)

Overall I’m very happy with the Anniversary + Diwali box after a few average ones. I hope they make every box a festive box! Good job Team My Envy Box and Vogue.

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5 thoughts on “My Envy Box October 2014: Review #VogueEmpower”

  1. I didn’t get Clinique moisturizer and makeup remover in my box … tried to contact them , they didn’t pick up my call

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