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My Color Obsession with L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Lipsticks


My Color Obsession with L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Brown, Nude Lipsticks

During much of the recent times, brown has had a bad reputation of being boring and blah! A few years ago, when fashion trends took a turn towards more-earthy hues and natural vibes, brown made a come back with designers like Salvatore Ferragamo to stores like Forever 21 pumping up the colour with clever use of patterns, prints and metallics. But L’Oreal Paris started a campaign about obsession with a particular colour which every woman has. I’m guilty of being obsessed with brown and nude hues currently and hence My Color Obsession with brown and nude lipsticks! Team VNA has joint hands on the obsession and we will tell you what has obsessed.

Once again, brown is our favourite this season and its going to be anything but blah with the clever use of other hues, tones, fabrics and the like. The Browns are not holding back anymore. They are coming out and they are coming out with a bang! So is Brown the new Black now? We practically use the bold red lips, the subtle nude glow or the quirky hot pink everyday but we have always steered clear from the browns. But recently when make-up gurus and celebrities started experimenting with the dark daring berry shades, they started reaching out for the browns as well and we followed their examples. So if you had a few browns tucked away in your closet, maybe you should take them all out and gift them a face lift with accessories, new combinations and patterns and be amazed by the effect you create. Nevertheless, brown does have some basic staples like the ones we have listed below:


Berry shades are a hit during the autumn season as they look lovely pared with the warm yet bold tones of mustard, burnt sienna and oxblood. But berry is becoming very typical now during the autumn. Sure it gives a very cosy warm feeling but it has been used during every autumn season now!

So recently more and more people are integrating brown hues to their wardrobes and their vanity kits. Remember how Rachel Green from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. looked absolutely stunning in the warm hue of the brown with just the little bit of shimmer and gloss to amp it up? What about Britney Spears’ dark and daring outlined lips in terracotta shade? Those where back in the 90’s when browns used to be paired with a lot of gloss to make it stand out even more.

The Brown Bag

Whether you love the bucket, the barrel, the baguette or the backpack or have preferences like the satchel, messenger or the minaudiere, browns look awesome in most shapes. Though some of the styles may not be suitable for regular use, some of these amp up the style quotient of your entire outfit. But make sure you pick one up with a perfect cut and finish or it might end up looking tacky.

The brown skirt

Based on your body type or style, a brown skirt can add a lot to your wardrobe. If you prefer to pair up white shirts with pencil skirts, you could try out one in brown rather than sticking to your usual black.

The Brown jacket

Brown jackets can be a staple for some. But if not done correctly, they can look downright dumpy and weird. So they need to be picked up based on your body type and complexion, and keeping your general style and wardrobe in mind. No one wants to be stuck with an expensive purchase that sticks out like a sore thumb with everything else.


The Brown Leather Belt that pulls the outfit together

To pull up an outfit together, you can use a variety of belts in different styles. Sticking to a more neutral or earthy shade can be a safe bet when in doubt. Also a belt doesn’t have to be too fancy, a simple, neat basic one can pull off an outfit with more ease than its more attractive, pricey counterpart.

The brown shoes

No matter what your style, you might probably find a neutral or an earthy pair of shoes a must for your wardrobe. Not only are brown shoes versatile and can be paired with a number of outfits, they are also available in a variety of styles. If you ask us, it has got to be these amazing boots from Ralph Lauren.

The brown hair

Experimenting with a new hair style this time around? With the festivals in October-November and the parties in December, the last 3 months of the year transcend in to a completely different mood when compared to the rest of the year. Just like for clothing and everything else, you have to be very careful with hair colour you pick up especially if its brown, or it might make your hair look under-nourished and uncared for.

The Brown saree

I am not going to skip out one of the most opulent, versatile and fantastic attire that has been around for ages and can be draped in to a variety of styles. The picks can be anything from rich, chocolate browns to more sombre shades with gold or silver borders. The list is endless and you can take your pick from the perfect combination based on pattern, styles and texture.

The Look with Brown

Though, all of the browns in an outfit cannot be pulled up together in one ginormous attempt, but one essential piece can do the trick.


The perfect brown lipstick

Last but not the least, a brown lipstick to add the final touch to the wardrobe and our favourite are the browns from L’oreal. Just like every other colour, there is no one size fits all mantra for brown lipsticks. You have to choose one scoring to your complexion. While shades like Caramel Latte might suit paler skin tones, for olive undertones a warmer shade  with reddish notes will do the trick. And for warmer complexions, rich dewy browns might suit wonderfully.

L’oreal’s range of Colour Riche lipcolour claims instant hydration and a creamy texture. Those in love with shimmers and maroon hued browns can also try out the shade Fever Brown

that has already been reviewed on VNA. Rich browns on the lips can also be paired up with gold and nude eye shadows and a proper use of highlighter to make the face look radiant.

Celebrities and make-up gurus now however prefer choosing matte finishes, by using a pencil or just a matte lipstick. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Bella Thorne and several others are going in with the browns much more than ever before. To get a beautiful and colourful look using the brown, you can watch Kaushal Beauty’s very recent Diwali Make-up tutorial where she paired glamorous bronze and gold eyes with a brown hue topped with a shimmery brown gloss.

We all have our preferences when it comes to lipsticks. Some prefer matte while some prefer gloss. While some like their lips to be moisturized and creamy. The one brand which is providing all three of them is L’Oreal Paris in their Color Riche category! They are Color Rich Matte Mania, Color Riche Extraordinaire and Color Riche Moist Matte and they provide various super rich pigmented colours.

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