My 10 Best Nude Lipsticks for Indian Skin Tones

My Favourite 10 Nude Lipsticks For Medium to Dark Olive Indian Skin

Okay it took me 2 days to compile the post. Nudes should look like this (see pic above) and not MLBB. Plus, I was searching for some good nudes from our desi brand Lakme but sadly couldn’t find something worth mentioning. So all this sniffing and testing took so much of time! Nudes shouldn’t be so stark that they suck out all the colour from your face and make you look pale and washed out. It happens to me with Lakme Aquashine Old Rose

. So here’s to saving some money and never again looking washed out! The list Includes a mix of drugstore and high end brands. Here are the nude lipsticks for Indian skin in no particular order:

1. Mac Hug Me:

Its a sheer nude with peach tones. One of those true nudes which are neither too pink nor too brown. If you have pigmented lips then the exact colour won’t show since it lacks in the pigmentation department. Suits all skin tones from fair to dark. Never washes me out and one of my favourites. (Price: Rs.990)

2. Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick Bare:

Its a nude shade with pink tones. It suits almost everybody from fair to dark skin upto nc45. Its one of those nudes you can wear without any other makeup and it would still look good. The formula is creamy matte. Leaves a light pink tint after going. I’ve swatched it on my lips, just follow the link. (Price: Rs.275)

3. Nyx Lipstick Frappuccino:

This is the lipstick I’m wearing in the above picture. Its the perfect nude lipstick shade for me with light peach tones. On its own it can look a little light so I mostly pair it with deep blushes or heavily kohled eyes. Its the finish that is my main concern. Round lipsticks are not the best quality and look streaky and tend to melt. I wish they bring out this shade with a better formula. (Price: approx Rs.380 in India )

4. Mac Velvet Teddy:

Its a matte nude with pink tones. One of the nudes that work pretty well with our Indian skin. One of the few mac nudes that work for us. Also its a lot pigmented than Mac Hug Me so covers the inherent rosey pigmentation of our lips. Suits fair to medoum skin tones upto nc40. (Price: Rs.990)

5. Inglot AMC Lip Paint 62:

This is a very pretty creamy nude that comes in a pot. It is a bit sheer and has this shine which makes it look like a lipstick + lipgloss. One of those nudes that suit darker skin tones a lot. I’ve seen nc48 girls rocking it. You see there are not much options for dark skin tones so grab it. (Price: Rs.720).

6. Lakme Satin Enrich Lipstick 129, 663, 531:

Lakme Satin Enrich lipsticks have a lot of neutrals. 129 is a very pretty peach shade with soft rose tint. 663 and 531 lean more towards brown and would flatter dark skin. I so wish the staying power was better. Follow the link for my complete review and swatches. Lakme Aphrodite Blush is another cult neutral. (Price: Rs.225)

7. Maybelline Lipstick My Mahogany:

Maybelline Color Sensational range came out with a lot of nudes. Ranging from peach to pink tones, there is one for everyone. Out of these I own My Mahogany and Totally Toffee. My Mahogany is a sheer peach nude. Totally Toffee is a caramel nude and suits everybody and one of my favourites. Others I can think of are Autumn Rush, Tinted Taupe, Crazy for Coffee. (Price: Rs.299)

8. Chambor Silk Touch Lipstick Silk Woods:

This is one of those creamy nudes you can just wear on your own and run to college or office. The formula is good and the colour has got pink tones. It would suits skin tones from nc30-42. Chambor Powder Matte Desert Rose is another good nude if you need more options. (Price: Rs.525)

9. Faces Satin Matte Lipstick Chestnut:

Its a creamy nude with peach tones. If you are experimenting with nudes than this budget lipstick should be your pick. Suits fair to medium skin tones. (Price: Rs.299)

10. Mac Freckletone:

Its a flesh toned nude with creamy texture. A good nude to pair up with smokey eye makeup or deep blushes. This is a relatively undiscovered nude so I just gave it its 2mins of fame! (Price: Rs.990)

Mac MUA Mickey Contractor suggests Mac Spice and Mac Cork lip pencils to wear beneath light or sheer nude lipsticks to make them work.

Other nudes which did not make it to the list but deserve a mention are:

Nyx Lip Cream SkintoneMaybelline Honey Ginger (lost because of the poor staying power but otherwise a very good nude), Clinique High Impact Nude Beach and Pink Beach, Mac Creme Cup, Mac Cherish, Revlon Rosy Nude, Mac Creme in your Coffee (for dark skin), Mac Spirit, Mac Brave, Mac Brave, Mac Syrup, Mac Jubilee.

Well I searched for nothing but neutral lipsticks for 2years so I just blurted everything out. Its safe to say I’ve done kind of a Ph.D in it!

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