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MUA Lipsticks Shades 13, 15 Juicy, 16 Nectar

mua lipstick 13 15 16 review

MUA lipsticks 13, 15, 16 Haul

Lipstick hauls excite me the most. Yes even more than the shoes. Wait..okay yes more than shoes. More than 60% of my makeup collection is just lipsticks. I may not wear them all but I can’t think of hosting a blog sale for them. They are too precious. Adding to that special collection is this new army of MUA lipsticks. They come in 16 shades and are dirt cheap. Yes cheaper than the Nyx Round Lipsticks . Although the packaging is slightly better than the nyx lipsticks. Nyx is more plasticy…..if you know what I mean. And MUA lipsticks have this little pot of the same shade attached to the base. For some it may mean ease of identification in your lipstick drawer.

      To me it means more product to use. Yes I can be quite cheap sometimes!

I recently hauled some MUA stuff with Deeptima and Agnibanya. I got 4 lipsticks along with some other stuff. Shade #13 which is unnamed. May be its the one who-must-not-be-named. The other is #15 Juicy which I think is a little too pale for my Indian skin. The other is #16 Nectar. I got two of them! Because with them I think I’ve hit a jackpot. When I swatched it first, my happiness knew no bounds. People I just found a Mac dupe of a very undupable lipstick! I need to confirm by swatching them side by side. So I well tell you about the Mac lipstick when I review it.

Look at the photos:

mua lipsticks haul india
mua lipsticks haul
mua lipsticks collective photo
mua lipsticks collective photo


mua lipsticks reviews photo
MUA lipsticks pots at the base of the lipstick

 These pots are so cute. This is like lipstick stored as back up like the petrol in your car :P

mua lipstick nectar juicy shade 13 photo
MUA lipsticks #13, #15 Juicy, #16 Nectar

I don’t enjoy using lip brushes. Guess I need to get a new good quality brush now.

mua lipsticks 13 15 16 swatches
from left: MUA lipstick #15 Juicy, #16 Nectar, #16 Nectar, #13

Although both my favourites came damaged. One #16 is a little loose at the base so I’ve to use it carefully. While the other #16 had this big dent when I opened it. This shipping thing with makeup is a huge pain in the a**.

I will tell you all about the shades, texture, quality, etc when I swatch and review them. May be sometime next week. The MUA lipsticks came at £1 each. Told you! And now they are already out with a new collection called One Direction. Why oh why!

34 thoughts on “MUA Lipsticks Shades 13, 15 Juicy, 16 Nectar”

  1. Ooohh girlie these look delicious. Juicy looks so well juicy!! Hopefully it wont be too pale.Definitely eying the 1D collection now

  2. ohh lovely ! finally you brought MUA :) i have them and they are pretty nice compare to the price :) but they tends to melt in summer so if possible keep it in refrigerator.

  3. for sure MUA are best budget lipstick, rather cheap. I also like their shades, texture and cute packaging. shades you have picked up are very pretty


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