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MUA Bon Bon Powder Blush: Swatches and Review

mua bon bon powder blush review

MUA Blusher -Bon Bon Review and Swatches

By Contributor: Lee

MUA is one brand that never fails to impress me and if I had to choose one product that is their absolute best then I will have to go with their Blushers. They are of amazing quality and cost only a pound!! Can u believe that?? They recently launched a whole bunch of new blusher shades and I ended up picking Bon Bon on a friend’s reco. I’m usually not into earthy tones (or like I call them, boring!!) but my friend coaxed me into getting this and I’m sooo glad I did. She’s such a good influence on me I tell ya! Today I’m reviewing and swatching Bon Bon from MUA new blusher collection.

Makeup Academy Claims: Latest shades in our amazing £1 line, 6 new shades. Just simply sweep across the apples of the cheek and up to the brow bone to create a soft yet beautiful contour. Gorge!

See shade names: Marshmallow (Pink), Bon Bon (Apricot), Lolly (Soft Orange), Cupcake (Soft Peach), Candyfloss (Pink Shimmer) & Bubblegum (Coral Rose Pink)

mua bon bon  powder blush review india
MUA Bon Bon Powder Blush review

Shade: First off I’m sooo glad they decided to name the blushers instead of  numbering them. Bon Bon is a dusty pink which will suit light to medium complexion beautifully. I do not think it will show up on the dusky beauties so if you‘re above NC 44 then its best you avoid this. It looks a lot more peach in the pan but upon swatching it has quite a bit of pink in it. It looks EXTREMELY natural and I can wear this shade with just about anything. It’s a perfect daytime shade and one that everybody must lay their hands on!

mua bon bon powder blush ingredients
mua bon bon powder blush ingredients

Pigmentation & Staying Power: The pigmentation of the Bon Bon blush is very good but not so much that you will end up with clown cheeks. These blend like a dream and do not require any effort.

The staying power is good & lasts for around 4-5 hrs on me without a primer or a base underneath. This lasts longer on me as compared to the NYX blushers (which btw I absolutely adore!). After that it starts fading leaving a gorgeous tint to your cheeks.

mua bon bon powder blush review blog
mua bon bon powder blush

Texture: MUA Blusher is a finely milled powder blush & has a very soft satiny texture. Its softer than their older blushers and almost feels like silk. I love digging my fingers in it. Due to the softness it does crumble a bit in the pan however I do not face any fallout during application.

mua bon bon powder blush
mua bon bon powder blush

Packaging: The blushers come in a rectangle black plastic casing with a transparent lid on top. These are bigger than their old blushers and far easier to open . It has the ingredient list mentioned on the back. The blush feels a lot more sturdy than the old blushers however the silver lettering tends to fade away very easily.

The only issue for me is the availability as these are only available on MUA’s website. Yes, some Indian websites are retailing these but they are exorbitantly priced and its best to buy them directly off MUA’s website.

The swatches of MUA Bon Bon in natural light

mua bon bon powder blush swatch
Swatches of MUA Bon Bon

left: unblended swatch, right: blended swatch

mua bon bon powder blush swatches
mua bon bon powder blush swatches

PROs of MUA Bon Bon Powder Blusher:

1)A gorgeous shade that gives a beautiful and natural flush to the cheeks

2) Finely Milled & extremely soft in texture

3)Decently Pigmented

4)Good staying power

5)Extremely Cheap
CONs of MUA Bon Bon Powder Blusher:


mua bon bon powder blush photo

Price: £1

VNA Rating: 4.5/5

Final Recommendation: MUA Bon Bon Powder Blush is a pretty dusty rose pink shade that looks extremely natural. It would suit of all fair to medium skin tones but won’t show up on dusky Indian skin tones. MUA blushers are total value for money. They are extremely soft in texture, last a good amount of time and come in a variety of shades. Highly recommended!

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