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Mother’s Day: What Are You Getting Her?

With mother’s day round the corner, most of you would be wondering what to gift your mom. Picking a right gift is not an easy job. So these ideas will help you make a nice choice and impress your mom on this special occasion. (note: I’m gonna make my mom read this,thats one whole post on her..a gift in itself, no? Noooo I’ll still get her something!)

mothers day gift ideas

Makeup: Every woman loves makeup no matter how much she denies it. So gift her makeup but with a twist. Like get her a lipstick colour which she has never worn or a brand which is out of her budget. How about a high end lipstick in an unconventional colour? Try to know what her taste is. Like some girls like blushes more than anything else while there are some who love eye makeup. So try to know what she likes and surprise her.

Spa Session: Nothing can beat a relaxing fun day at a spa. You can accompany her so that way you can spend some quality mother-daughter time together. There are loads of packages to choose from. How about chocolate spa? Or fish spa? Or both!

Chocolates and Flowers: This is an age old method which never fails to work. Get her a box of those dark melted chocolates she would love to indulge in. Or better make some hand-made chocolates for her, you can take help from YouTube tutorials..so don’t give those lame excuses of “I’ve never been inside my kitchen”. Get your butt off and do some work! And order her favourite flowers to arrive first thing in the morning when she least expects it.

A Beauty Box Subscription: Now this one would totally get her off guard. Do you find her lusting over those GlossyBoxs and BirchBoxes? Well with so many beauty boxes available in the market today you can easily subscribe for one and surprise her. This one is one of the most budget friendly options since these boxes cost somewhere around 700-800 bucks and contain some high end brand samples in skin care and makeup.

Fragrances: Who doesn’t like to smell nice and fresh? Or sexy? Perfumes are very personal so I suggest you take her along when you are going to buy it. Or if you plan to keep it a surprise then try to gauge her favourite fragrances and then order one online for her. Ebay is a good option if you don’t want to break the bank but still get a nice fragrance.

Shopping: Studies say girls prefer shopping over sex. So take her out shopping and let her pick her gift herself. Nothing can beat a ‘satisfying’ and ‘thrilling’ shopping experience. I know all the girls will agree.

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Enough of ideas…time for some action now! RUNNNNN!!
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