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Modern Day Mythical Apsaras

forest essentials
Beautiful Things Make Beautiful Things

What does Maneaka, Rambha and Urvashi have in common? *Spank*  What were you doing in the history class?
They are all “swarg ki apsaras“. And now we have some modern day apsaras not from paradise but from mythical forests. Enter an enchanting magical forest somewhere in Himalayas where a bunch of beautiful tribal asparas are working on a very secretive potion where they collect, sort, pour and hand pound
wonderfully pure ingredients all made of ingredients naturally found in the forest and all that to the beats of a tribal drum and you have got Forest Essentials

very first ad! Add to it the beautiful tagline “beautiful things make beautiful things” and its sure to get noticed. The ad stays with you long after its over.

Here the beautiful things refer to the beautiful apsaras in the enchanting Forest Essentials factory working on the beautiful ayurvedic potions which lead to a beautiful you. Isn’t it all very beautiful! I like how the ad is different from the regular beauty commercials. And with it Forest Essentials has forayed into Ayurveda .

a beautiful apsara in Forest Essentials factory

Mira Kulkarni, Managing Director, Forest Essentials said, “The film captures the magical mystical quality of Ayurveda making it relevant to today’s audience”.

V Sunil, Executive Creative Director, Wieden+Kennedy, Delhi added, “ We wanted to make the brand relevant from the foothills of the Himalayas to the fashion capitals of the world like Milan, Paris, New York.”

You have to watch the ad to see what I’m talking about. Pause at 00:35, the model there is indeed very ‘beautiful’. Being a fashion blogger I can’t help but notice the bohemian headbands, tribal jewelry, smudgy kohl and the nude sarees. Hey I just dropped something…..my jaw!

I feel Beautiful things indeed make Beautiful things. Well…..look at the this blog for example. Isn’t it beautiful? And so is the girl behind behind it (okay so I’m not that modest!).

“You make beautiful things..
You make beautiful things out of the dust..
You make beautiful things..
You make beautiful things out of us…..”

Forest Essentials is an Authentic Traditional yet Luxurious Ayurvedic skin care Brand with its foundations in the ancient science of Ayurveda. A pioneer in the Luxury Ayurvedic segment, today it has become the quintessential Indian Beauty Brand where secrets of ancient Ayurveda have been brought to life through pain-staking research and made available to modern day customers.

Did you know? Forest Essentials is also the leading supplier to the majority of the luxury hotel chains in India including The Taj and The Oberoi Group of Hotels.
What’s your interpretation of Beautiful things make Beautiful things? And your thoughts on the commercial? Isn’t the drumbeat addictive?!

4 thoughts on “Modern Day Mythical Apsaras”

  1. I saw this ad,screened during a movie break honestly its craptastic! The concept was so amazing of Apsaras cocoting beauty potions, but somehow in the actual shoot and editing the Ad director seem to have lost the plot..trashy soundtrack too..thumbs down from me!

  2. I loved the video and the direction. It couldn’t be anything else but Forest Essential’s…
    Yes, this blog is very pretty and of course the girl behind it. mwaah.
    Shopping, Style and Us

  3. The concept is just very pretty and convincing !! i loved how rustic and beautiful the apsara’s r looking, not to forget their attires and fab jewellery :)

  4. Hey, This concept really good but it was different compared to natural models. I love this one and it was a crazy feeling about the peoples. and many peoples are mostly fallow the fashion apparels that type of items are in the Faballey store. here women’s fashion items are available. and it has promoted the saveplus coupon site. please check the saveplus website to get cashbacks also.

    Thank you


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