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Mint Facial Mask – Fun and Creative DIY Pack for Summers!

mint summer mask

Three words that can make me go to any lengths this summer – Mint, Pastels, Home. Seriously when the Delhi temperature is at 48 degrees, you don’t want to leave your air-conditioned home! Mint packs are one of those facial masks where you can don a lab coat and feel like a pretty (and equally intelligent mind you) scientist on work. No honestly! There are no hard and fast rules, just mix and match. Read the steps to know.

1. You have got yogurt, turmeric powder, fuller’s earth, cucumber juice, lemon juice, water as your fun options.

2. Now pick any two from them (logically or inky pinky p onky ) and mix them with the mint paste you can make by crushing some mint leaves.

3. Put in on and enjoy this colourful green mask when it’s on. Mine looks like fresh water algae!

Sip some lemonade and read my other post on Mud Face Mask while you wait for it to dry and then wash off. Hello clear, cool, acne and blackheads free skin.

PS – I don’t do all this. I just steal the mint paste from the fridge which my mom makes  for the green chatni and customize it according to my mood!

5 thoughts on “Mint Facial Mask – Fun and Creative DIY Pack for Summers!”

  1. This is such a fun , short and yet refreshing post !! a.k.a useful.
    I totally agree with the first line.. Anything pastel, aqua blue, green takes me to the himalayas instantly ( well, there’s no harm in day dreaming)


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