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5 of YOU Can Win a Chance to Party with Priyanka Chopra!

I know I’m lazy and most of you are still waiting for me to announce my giveaway winner. “bloody hell what does she think!” I know I know but trust me I’m super busy. And I ain’t complaining. I promise this weekend I will grab a cup of coffee and do all the boring


But this one is going to be really quick! Priyanka Chopra is coming to Delhi day after tomorrow i.e 25th
October and guess what? I’m giving 5 of my readers a chance to party wit her! Will I be there? Yes! You can meet me there too.

I’m gonna keep this one really simple. Just write a creative line to invite Priyanka to Delhi, write a poem, or something like that! Do anything creative, witty and hilarious. Just keep it short and original and I will pick 5 of my favourite answers.

Contest starts now and ends tomorrow i.e 24th October 2012 at 11pm. Winners will be announced shortly after that on my facebook page, so keep a look on it.

And since this contest is only for readers of Vanity No Apologies,

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  • like my facebook page HERE
Go ahead and leave a comment!
Open for Delhiites only.

4 thoughts on “5 of YOU Can Win a Chance to Party with Priyanka Chopra!”

  1. Oh my Angel, Oh my Cutie Pie
    I Dedicate this poem
    For your Innocence and Beauty You don’t know how much I Love your Killer Smile
    And your Sensible Dressing and Hair Style You are My Pretty Doll
    You are My Sunshine
    I want to meet you one time in my life I know My Goal to be Achieved Is still Too Far
    At the Day when i will Meet My @priyankachopra
    Rockstar :)


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