Medimix Ayurvedic Classic Soap: Review, Price

Review, Price, Buy Online Medimix Aurvedic Classic Soap Bar

By Contributor: Vaidehee

Hey you guys! Today i’ll be reviewing an old favorite of mine, that during my time away from india, i’d actually smuggle in my luggage by the pound, the Medimix Hand-Made Ayurvedic Bath Soap. I’ve used it all my life on-and-off, my mother has always loved it and so has my grandmum .. you get the drift.

Medimix Claims: Medimix is a traditionally handmade soap with a unique formulation of 18 herbs that acts gently but effectively on many kinds of skin problems. Contains no animal fat.
Helps to prevent spots, prickly heat and dandruff and is an effective antiseptic. It beautifies the skin and hair. Medimix has been clinically proven to be effective against many skin conditions like pimples (acne), body odour, prickly heat, boils and other skin infections. Its rich lather is enriched with the extracts of 18 potent herbs. Is made with completely natural ingredients, making it perfectly safe even for a baby’s skin.

Ingredients: Chitraka 225mg, Vanardraka 108mg, Sariba 12mg, Chopchini 6mg, Nimba Twak 4mg, Dharu Haridra 2mg, Vacha 2mg, Usheeram 2mg, Dhanyaka 2mg, Jeeraka 2mg, Vidangam 2mg, Yashtimadhu 2mg, Kutaja 2mg, Jyothismathi 2mg, Devadaru 2mg, Krishna Jeeraka 2mg, Bakuchi 2mg, Guggulu 1.75mg.
In soap base made from coconut oil, natural oils, perfume and approved color.

Medimix Aurvedic Classic Soap ingredients

My Review:

Price :  It retails at Rs. 33, which is ofcourse, very much in the drugstore range.

Packaging : The packaging of the ayurvedic soap has been the same for as long as i can remember, the logo, the graphics with the herbs and  the “ayurvedic propriety medicine” message being propagated. The medimix bar itself is opaque , with the logo embossed on it, and it’s tinted a dark neem-green . Again with the herbs!

Fragrance : The scent of this handmade soap isn’t for everyone, but as for me, i don’t mind the oh-so-familiar neem and herbal fragrance . It’s fresh, crisp and a little too in-your-face for everyone’s taste.

Texture and Foaming : The soap bar , unlike the others from the drugstore , is a little prone to melting down and distorting, but it’s nothing compared to a few of the khadi ones , and not nearly as messy.

It foams up pretty well, and as i’ve said, i have a fascination with being squeaky clean and lather gives me that pseudo-satisfaction.

My take on the ingredients list : The ingredient list of medimix handmade soap is worth mentioning for the product, since it claims to be “topically effective against skin conditions like acne, prickly heat, boils and other skin conditions ” (remind me never to take dermatology as my speciality! urgh!)  .

It has no SLS, so technically, it’s not a detergent . Hallelujah? It also loaded with about 18 different herbal extracts, half of which i am unfamiliar with, and the other half, i can’t pronounce or spell. But i googled about a dozen and they’re supposed to be helpful with just about everything the product claims.  Especially acne. ( body acne, to be specific, i wouldn’t really recommend washing your face with soap )

does Medimix Aurvedic Soap work on acne and pimples

My take on the claims of Medimix Aurvedic Classic Soap:

I don’t have any of the aforementioned conditions, however, i do get allergic flare ups and redness a whole lot on my arms, and this is one of the few things that i don’t stop using during those times , since it’s always helped me with the redness.

What i don’t love about Medimix Aurvedic Classic Soap:

It tends to dry my skin out sometimes in winters, that’s the only complaint i’ve ever had with it.

Price: Rs.33

VNA Rating: 4/5

Buy Online:

Verdict? It’s definitely worth a try. Although, i’d be surprized if there are a lot of people who haven’t already. It’s been a staple for years and years.

 Have you used Medimix Aurvedic Classic Soap? Share your reviews with us.

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  • I have used this soap and I totally agree with the review of Vaidehee.
    Amazing soap.

  • I really love this soap, especially for summer. it is a bit drying but it's really refreshing

  • I always loved medimix advertisements when I was a kid. :D
    I never tried this though, I think I should buy one now after reading this. :-)

  • hi, i have used this while i was a teenager it gives an awesum result, but it makes my skin dark :( which is y i dumped it :(

  • Please tell me where you can buy it - your link does not lead to a website and my usual stockist is out of stock.

  • great soap..i am a customer since 40 yrs..v reliable manufacturers.we since 4 generations use medimix. Great value for money great for gifting..excellent product


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