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Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush- Soft Plum

Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush
Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush review

I know I’m centuries behind in reviewing this blush. But this blush is special because it was the first ever blush I bought. I got Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush Soft Plum because:

  • its a cream blush and they look more natural than the powder ones 
  • its buildable so I have no worries that I’ll end up looking like a crown 
  • it can be put on using your fingers since I’m not a pro when it comes to using makeup tools. 

Price- Rs.180 (around 4$)
What it says: Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush, Soft Plum 40 is a natural radiance blush with amazing air-soft feel.

Shades Available:
Peach Satin 20- its packed with loads and loads of shimmer and the light pink colour is difficult to show up
Soft Plum 40- its a soft pink colour but without the shimmer
Coffee Cake- its a light golden brown blush and can be used as a highlighter

The rest of the shades I saw on the site but could not locate are: Dolly Pink 10, Pink Frosting, Rose Petal 25, Cloud Wine 50 and Coffee Cake 60. Also, the blushes are differently named in different markets.

The shade I have is Soft Plum 40.
What I crave about the blush:

  • the texture. It blends like a dream(true to its name!). I’m new to this blush business and I dont face any problems in applying it. 
  • No makeup tools required. Can be used with fingers easily. 
  • The colour is a soft light mauvish pink and doesnt look OTT. 
  • inexpensive 
  • Also. this shade is the winner of Teen Vogue Reader’s Choice Awards 2007 Blush Category. 

What I’m compromising on:

  • The shimmer. Although it doesnt look OTT but I prefer matte blushes. So, this blush is difficult to carry in formal office environments. Even I dont like to wear it to college. Your best bet is to carry it during nights. 
  • The other shades are very difficult to locate and are named differently in different parts of the world. So, you have to be careful while shopping them online. 
  • Although its a cream blush, but due to its non-oily nature it may not be suitable for dry-skinned beauties. 
  • Comes in a pot and you have to clean your hands everytime you use it. 

Here are some swatches

Left: blended, right: unblended
the shimmer

Conclusion: Its an inexpensive blush so you can try it if you are not sure. Well, the quantity is sooo much and you need a very little amount that I dont think I would run out of it in atleast this lifetime! But beware of the shade 20 if you dont like shimmer, you may still like this one.


12 thoughts on “Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush- Soft Plum”

  1. anshita peach satin doesnt have loads of shimmer..dat also has light shimmer only..its dolly pink which has loads of shimmer..
    soft plum is pretty..wud check it out..

  2. @jiya ya all u need is ur fingers!
    @pooja do check it out.n ya got ur mail.
    @anamika hehe my mom is d culprit!!
    @nivedita what others blushes hv you got?
    @bhumika i checkd peach satin in d store.it did hv more shimer, comparatively though not denying this one doesnt ;)
    @gia really ya i want more shades too

  3. cool review and the shade sure looks nice. I have always seen this at their counter, but somehow always gave it a miss.guess i will take a second look the next time i go up to the counter.

  4. I have the Maybelline podwer blushes ie the expertwear ones and a rimmel one. Not an addict of blushes. so I don’t tend to stock on blushes :)

  5. Goot to know abt this from the blush review guide on peaches and blush. it lt looks really nice…i think ill get it..thanks…


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