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Maybelline Colorama Graus #40 : Nails Of The Day

I never used to wear reds on my nails. They. Never. Suited. Me. Simple Enough?
So when I saw this particular shade, I was like “what use? They will only emphasize the tan all the more” But still I gambled and got this. And boy was I surprised! See for yourself…

Maybelline Colorama nail colours are one of the most inexpensive yet some of the best quality paints around. They have so many shades that everyone can have atleast one of these to suit their fancy. I’ve taken these photos on the 3rd day and as you can see, no chipping yet.

This particular red colour is one of the prettiest reds I’ve ever worn. Just the right amount of orangeness and blueness in it to suit my medium skin tone. I got almost opaque coverage in one single coat.
The brush is good quality, makes application a dream.

Okay I can’t help but write these cheesy KHNH lines:
“Laal mere dil ka haal hai,

lagta mujh pe kamaal hai,
kya Subhash Ghai ki picture taal hai?”

Price : Rs.89 ($2)

So is it for you? Yes! Everyone deserves atleast one red nail colour. I highly recommend these polishes to everyone, the consistency, the quality, the brush, the application..everything is just right!

20 thoughts on “Maybelline Colorama Graus #40 : Nails Of The Day”

  1. ah!! What a color and what beautiful pictures!!
    I’m literally taken aback by the images!!
    Great job Ansh!! More than admiring the post, I’m now adnmiring your photography skill


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