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Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Extreme Lipstick Brick Rose Review, Swatches

Before this I was a red virgin and with everyone sporting reds these days, I felt kinda old fashioned (yes!) and decided to get hold of at-least one red lipstick. To test the waters, I first went for a muted (comparatively!) red.

The colour is a brown red with warm undertones. Think office red. Nothing loud here. A single swipe is all you need is to get the colour in the tube. It has got a slight hint of golden shimmer in it which is not visible at all, you get to see is the shine but not the shimmer. Two swipe and it turns into an intense night red. I’ve seen girls with fair skin as well as tan skin carrying it with ease, so it can suit everyone with a warm tone. Of all the reds I have, this one suits me the best.

I usually associate shine with sheer but this one has the shine without the sheerness, you got me?! They are insanely creamy and moisturising like all the shades in this range. It isn’t named “moisture extreme” for nothing. As for the staying power, it doesn’t stay for long, may be 3hours if I’m lucky. Althought the colour wears off in around 2hours, it leaves a subtle red stain behind.

Apply it with a very light hand and it makes my lips look natural red. Here I’m wearing it lightly.

Price: Rs.225 ($4-5)
Availability: online and at every maybelline counter

So is it for you? Yes if you are scared of bright reds and want to measure the waters first with warm brown red. It doesn’t look OTT and can double up as a day and night time shade depending on how you wear it. They are moisturizing so you can skip the lip balm. But the staying power is a pet peeve.

PS- I’m wearing Maybelline Colorama Graus on the nails.

PPS- A lot of people have complaints aginst this particular range of Maybelline that these lipsticks get fungus easily. I’ve not experienced that yet *touch wood*! But I’m not likely to repurchase them until they improve upon it.

23 thoughts on “Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Extreme Lipstick Brick Rose Review, Swatches”

  1. wowww such a pigmented red color, nice one ! can you suggest a pinkinsh red or pink with brown undertones from Maybelline extreme range?

  2. @manya hi manya..for pink with brown tones try natural rosewood, coral pink is a happy pink and my fav out of these.
    and as for reds with hint of pink..try cranberry, spicy carmin

  3. Nice color..I am scared of reds though. I have buff (a nude coral), brownie (a dark brown) and dusky mauve (a pinkish mauve) from this range. I love them. No problems with fungus but I hate the staying power especially since dusky mauve is my absolute favorite.

  4. its gorgeous!!! though i m scared to wear it but i love reds more than pink…
    nice review…
    luvd d last pic!!!


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