Maybelline Clean Express Total Clean Eye and Lip Makeup Remover: Review and Demo

Maybelline Clean Express Total Clean Makeup Remover Review and How To Use It

By Contributor: Aditi

Yes all of us here must be familiar with the fact that if we leave our makeup on before sleeping it will cause skin damage, irritation and in some cases breakouts also..we really don’t want that so we go to the mall and get a makeup cleanser. Well that’s what I will review today. This arrived much late in india, 

the Maybelline Clean Express Makeup Remover. Lets get real, I got it only for the packaging, yeah I seriously am one of those psychos. But well this trip didn’t turn out in vain, it does it’s job decently.
Maybelline Clean Express Total Clean

My Review:

The clean express is the sister of the previous cleanser from maybelline but way non-oily. Does a decent job of cleansing as you can see it wasn’t much effective on benefit they are real mascara and lime crime velvetine (see below for the demo)

I once used it to remove a lipstick but it dried the area around my lips, but somehow this doesn’t happen when I use it to remove any eye makeup. For the price that we pay I guess the performance is justified. For the formula its nothing new, the same bi-phased split formula half oil and half water. I have taken pictures against light to demonstrate that

Nothing much special or new in the ingredients. Well the good part was it effectively removs glitter which my loreal cleanser failed to.

For usage: As every other bi-phased makeup cleanser,we have to shake it well before use to make it sort of a colloidal emulsion

But yeah this little thing out did MAC & L’OREAL in terms of being oil-free. I really hate makeup removers that don’t give me the clean feeling so thumbs up to Maybelline that its not that oily but well it seems to dry out the area around my lips (bhagwan kuch balance nai ho skta kya!!)

Yes I tug myself to my l’oreal cleanser because any way I’m an economically challenged person and can’t go to for a MAC makeup cleanser (pehle to itna mehnga makeup lago fir usko hatane ke liye bhi utna hi mehenga cleanser!) I don’t feel like shelling out so much

Maybelline Total Clean Express Eye and Lip Makeup Remover

Here is a demo to show Total Clean’s job

Maybelline Total Clean Express Makeup Remover review

Pros of Maybelline Clean Express Total Clean Eye and Lip Makeup Remover:

  • Cleans glitter and shimmer makeup effectively
  • Doesn’t make face oily
  • Bi-phased

Cons of Maybelline Clean Express Total Clean Eye and Lip Makeup Remover:

  • I find that sometime it’s drying, sometimes not..nothing definite
  • Also you have to take more time in removing your mascara mascara if you have a waterproof one
  • Didn’t find the packaging strong enough to keep leaking at bay. I did carry it in my bag one day and wen I pulled it out saw the bottle was covered in oil
Maybelline Total Clean Express

Price: Rs.275

VNA Rating: 3.5/5

Will I recommend or repurchase? Maybelline Clean Express Eye and Lip Makeup Remover is a decent cleanser but after much thought maybe not

Have you tried Maybelline Total Clean Makeup Remover? Share your views with us.

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  • Ever since I found TBS Vitamin E ream Cleanser, I refuse to look at any other cleanser. I know your reaction. IN the beginning , I was pretty put off by the price. But you can expect one bottle to last at least by a year and half.
    Thank me later. :P

    Thanks for the review. Since I have been using the TBS one for the last two years I think, I wanted some change. But nopes! Nothing would work now I know.

  • I have been using other make up remover by Maybelline and that's quite oily ..may be will chk out this since it works out well in that area..

  • I have been using loreal cleanser and I agree with you on that oily part.. moreover it does not give a clean feel- just spreads it out more :(

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  • I like this remover alot, compared to others that I've tried, this one is so nice

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