Maybelline Baby Lips Spiced Up Review, Swatches: Tropical Punch

Review, Swatches, Price, Buy Online Maybelline Baby Lips Spiced Up Tropical Punch Lip Balm

By Contributor: Priya

I am super excited! Why? Well..I am now a part of the awesome VNA family which I used to only read and refer to so far. But now, I am also going to share my experiences and reviews on this amazing platform. Yes!! This is my first post here on VNA and I am all keyed up to interact with all you lovely readers. Anyways, after all that rant, I think I must actually do what I am here for – Reviewing!! So here’s the review and swatch

of the newly launched Maybelline Baby Lips with some added spice called the Spiced Up Baby Lips in shade Tropical Punch. It comes in 2 other shades also: Berry Sherbet and Spicy Cinnamon.      

Maybelline Claims: Spice it up with Maybelline New York’s newly launched Baby Lips Spiced Up. Maybelline New York launches the all new Baby Lips Spiced Up, made for the Indi pop generation specially and developed to perfectly suit the range of Indian skin tones. With every application lips are reborn and feel supple, plump, moisturized, giving you intense care. Baby Lips Spiced Up comes in delicious flavors – Spicy Cinnamon, Berry Sherbet, and Tropical Punch that guarantee to delight. Pout in confidence this summer with the best lip balm in India, Baby Lips Spiced Up.

Here’s why you’ll love it:

  • – Deeper shades to suit sun-kissed skin tones

  • – Stronger, lip-smacking flavours

  • – Intense 12hr care

  • – Enriched with SPF 20 for sun protection

IngredientsNot mentioned

Shades Available: Berry Sherbet, Spicy Cinnamon, Tropical Punch

My Review of Maybelline Spiced Up Baby Lips:

I must confess ladies, that I am a lip product junkie and a die-hard Maybelline Baby Lips Fan. Whenever any new lip product hits the market, I am all for it! So this time when Maybelline launched their 3 absolutely new shades in the Baby Lips range , I jumped with joy. I have all the variants of the Maybelline Baby Lips so far, so how could I pass on these babies!! Well, I think I can safely speak out my heart here as I know I am not the only “crazy makeup lover” (what normal people consider us to be). Anyways, without further getting off tracked, let me explain this baby in detail.

Packaging: The Maybelline Spiced Up Lip Balm

comes in an oval shaped cardboard box with cute graphic designs and other details about the product. The packaging of the balm is like the regular baby lips available in India. The lip balm tube is color-coded which makes it easy to locate in your makeup stash. It is also travel friendly and the cap shuts well with a click sound (which makes me happy).

Colour: The colour of the lip balm tube of shade Tropical Punch is a pink with reddish undertones. When swatched or applied on the lips, it shows up like a light pink, still leaning more towards red. Ok, I guess I confused you!! Basically, it is a light pinkish red shade on the lips. If you are still confused, please refer to the swatch. All in all, it’s a pretty shade but less pigmented than the Berry Sherbet variant.

Texture: The texture of this baby is like the other coloured variants if the Maybelline Lip Balm. By the way, have you noticed that the texture of the coloured Baby Lips and the colourless ones differ from each other?? Yes!! The colourless ones are more hydrating with greater staying power. Anyways, the texture of this one is very light-weight yet super buttery and creamy and glides on the lips like a dream. I like it.

Smell: The fragrance of this lip balm is very fruity with a hint of spice..something like fruit chat!! Maybelline has really nailed it with the fragrance of their lip balms this time. It is so alluring, that you may want to keep on re-applying it often.

Pigmentation: The pigmentation of this particular shade is in between the pigmentation of the regular Baby Lips and the Berry Sherbet which I will review next. It sure shows up better than the earlier variants, but less pigmented as compared to Berry Sherbet. I do like it since it gives a natural flush of colour to the lips.

Longevity: The lasting power of this spiced up balm is about 2 to 3 hours with light snacking, post which, re-application is necessary. I personally don’t mind reapplying it several times.

Quality: The overall quality of this spiced up lip balm is splendid. It does not claim to cure or heal chapped lips and it does not do that, so I am absolutely fine with it. It does hydrate the lips until it is on the lips and also imparts a beautiful tint. Well, that’s enough for serving my purpose and satisfying me!

Pros of Maybelline Baby Lips Spiced Up Tropical Punch:

  • Nice travel friendly packaging
  • Beautiful natural pinky shade
  • Oh! The fragrance!
  • Very creamy and buttery texture
  • Light weight texture, in spite of being buttery
  • Contains the goodness of Coconut oil and Vitamin E (as per the ingredients list)
  • Custom made for Indian Skin tones
  • Fades evenly and does not leave a tint behind
  • SPF 20
  • Moisturizes the lips really well
  • Affordable (in spite of the price hike)
  • Easily available online and in stores

Cons of Maybelline Baby Lips Spiced Up Tropical Punch:

  • 12 hours moisture claim….Nah!! Be realistic Maybelline!
  • Doesn’t cover/hide pigmented lips

Price in India: Rs.175 for 4gms

VNA Rating: 4.7/5

Where to Buy Online in India:

Recommended? Absolutely!! If you are a Maybelline Baby Lips lover like me, just go get it – no questions asked! Even if you are not a baby lips fan, just go get it because you never know, you just may fall in love with this baby.

Repurchase? Yes!! Its Maybelline Baby Lips and I am biased!!

Have you used Maybelline Baby Lips Spiced Up Tropical Punch? Share your reviews with us.

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  • So finally you too bought this Ansh....i have got Shade berry sherbet and i am loving it a lot :)

  • I like this shade after multiple swipes, 12Hr moisture claim is difficult to stick to though !

    • Truly Shailja :-) I too am not satisfied with just one swipe of lip balm. I need to rub it several times on my lips. Thanks for your comment :-)

    • We sure have something in common Mily :-) I too have tried all the variants launched in India and some from Canada as well :-) Thanks a lot for your comment :-)

  • I think I'll fill up my vanity with baby lips only. They are a major hit. Each and every baby seems absolutely stunning :)

  • Hehe....I totally agree with you Tiya :-) I myself own 26 of the Maybelline Baby Lips including some from Canda :-) Thanks a ton for your comment :-)


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