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Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop Pink Shock Lip Balm: Review and Swatches


Review, Swatches and Price of Maybelline baby lips electro pop lip balm PINK SHOCK

By Contributor: Aditi

Piinnnnkkkkkkkkk!!!!! Did you guys hear this squeaky scream through your screens too? Well this is what my reaction was when I applied the new BABY LIPS Pink Shock tinted balm on my lips and the colour payoff it gave me, okay again PPPPIINNNNNKKKKKK, yeah okay , fine I’ll stop shouting. I will review and swatch the new Maybelline electro pop baby lips in the shade Pink Shock. It comes in 4 shades: Oh Orange, Fierce n Tangy, Berry Bomb.

So I wasn’t a maybelline baby lip fan at all neither I intended on picking this up but one chilly (read 6.5 degrees) morning my little cousin called me, all tensed saying “didi, mere ghar ke paas wale pantaloons mei baby lips nai mil raha, mai kya karu! My friend told me its available at the pantaloons near your place” and I stood there rolling my eyes. My mom asked me to help the little kid in distress. A 10 year old forced me out of my cozy bed to a teeth crackling Patna winter to buy these new electro pop baby lips! So when I was there I got one for myself too, don’t judge me, and read on to know if this chilly trip was worth it.

Maybelline Claims: No More Basic Lip Balm! 8HR Hydration with a Neon Kick. Electric colour pigments in our exclusive lip renew formula. In 6 New Tinted Shades

Why You’ll Love It: Electric colour pigments give your lips a sheer jolt of neon colour. Protects and moisturizes for a full 8 hours. In 6 New Tinted Shades. Visibly renewed lips in 1 week*. 88% Had Smoother Lips*. 82% Had Less Dry Lips*. 70% Had More Supple Lips*. 83% Had Better-Looking Lips*

Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Shock

My Review:

Packaging: I’m so glad Maybelline came out with a new packaging for baby lips. I didn’t like the old packaging, neither the old formula, but this new packaging is a total love. It comes in a black plastic twist up tube with a transparent plastic cap with BABY LIPS written over it.

Shade: Of course I had to get the pink one, PINK SHOCK is a pretty hot pink colour with cool blue undertones and surprisingly it is a balm!! On pigmentation front for a lip balm it shows up as a really pretty pink shade on the lips.

Texture : It is really soft and gliding on the lips. And not sticky or gloopy at all , looks glossy on the lips when applied but not over the top .

Fragrance: It has a mild berry/strawberry/chemical/sweet fragrance, which surely smells like fake strawberries and cherry , the fragrance isn’t annoying at all and the fragrance lingers away after 2 minutes of application.

Staying power: Not 8 hours at all but yeah it did survive on my chatter-y  lips for 3 hours or a little more and even after the balm wore off I could see a faint pink tint that lasted for another hour or so. And what I was glad for was that the lip balm on my lips did survive all the while I ate dahi chuda (don’t wonder its basically dry poha mixed in dahi with added sugar, *Bihar especial* )

Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Shock

It contains all this buttery goodness of Shea butter and vitamin E, which helps soften the lips. Well I didn’t experience any dramatic change in the texture of my lips but this worked way better than the forest essential rose petal lip balm. It was okay on hydration, not making lips baby soft as it claims. And also the staying power wasn’t 8 hours as acclaimed, but it was a good 3 to 3.5 hours, and I don’t expect any more out of a lip balm.

Now there are some lip balms that feel hydrating on your lips initially after application but as they start to whether out from the lips, or their consistency starts to dry on the lips, they make the lips to dry too, but this is not the case with this lip balm. It does feel super hydrating on initial application but it doesn’t dry out the lips or make them feel papery as it withers off. It is super duper on pigmentation and I was actually surprised to see the colour pay off. In the lip swatches I haven’t done any extra effort its just the lip balm with 2-3 coats (that’s how I normally go with a lip balm), and the colour did stay on for a good time. Overall this lip balm is a major plus for me.

Baby Lips Electro Pop Lip Balm

Pros of Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop Pink Shock Lip Balm:

  • Great on pigmentation and colour payoff.
  • Decent moisturisation , at least better than the ones in this price range
  • Attractive packaging, and also as the caps are see through you can actually locate the flavour of the lip balm
  • Contains mild fragrance, that is not irritating
  • Real affordable at this price
  • Available in pretty shades: pink, orange, purple and a yellow

Cons of Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop Pink Shock:

  • Doesn’t give desired hydration. I am not saying it does not work but doesn’t live up to the baby soft lips claim
  • Also it promises to stay 8 hours, when in practical use its only 3 hours.
Electro Pop Pink Shock Lip Balm

Price: Rs.165

VNA Rating: 4/5

Have you tried Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop Pink Shock Lip Balm? Share your reviews with us.

16 thoughts on “Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop Pink Shock Lip Balm: Review and Swatches”

  1. Fibally. A tinted lipbal with a tint! Do they have any other variants? So look forward to your reviews! :D

  2. I am not comfortable with liquid liners. So , can I use the pen style eyeliner means the maybelline hypersharp pen eyeliner or lakme eye artist pen? Which one would be better?

  3. I haven’t tried the new maybelline lip balms. I think the older ones are better and nivea lip balms are also great in terms of moisturisation

  4. I’ve used baby lips pink shock… My lips were really dry but since I started using this product… I found it a miracle product for dry lips… The best thing is that it doesn’t bring an awkward white layer on your lips as other lip balms do… Love it.


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