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Makeup and Outfit: Indian Wedding!

makeup with red suit indian


Makeup Look and Outfit of the Day: Traditional

Its sailor’s birthday today so I’m gonna do a post that he requested…..not the makeup part ofcourse but the photos! I had my friend’s wedding a month back and all last month I played hard to get with him for the photos but here they are now! The wedding was in the morning so I went really subtle with my makeup (I would have gone subtle anyway!). Why don’t people stick to the timings in India? If the card says the baraat will reach at 10am then it means 11am at max no? So I got up around 8 and started getting ready to leave at sharp 10. But nooooooo my parents were getting ready so slowly saying. Trust me I was clicking my full makeup pics after I was totally done and my father was just starting to apply his hair colour! And mom was still going over her multani mutti regime. Had it been their       relative’s wedding the scene would have been totally different but this time they were driving pleasure out of it!

By the time everyone got ready, I had clicked a zillion pics for the blog and sailor. And not just that I even got a full hour to take some great shots for the Mac Studio Fix Fluid foundation review which you would see soon.

glowing cheeks makeup look

When I say subtle I mean really subtle. I did this neutral soft brown eye makeup with a slight winged liner. While doing my eye makeup I had planned on wearing a matte red lipstick like Ruby Woo to its full power. So that explains the simplicity. And yup that’s how oily I get in the summers so excuse the oily face.

brown copper eye makeup look

 This is the full outfit. As I showed you in the preview post, I wore a red anarkali with a heavy border. The border you see right now is 3/4th of the original border which I got cut. Talking about the anarkali, I love it. I loved it at the first sight. The colour on the left pic is the actual shade..its such a pretty red. But the fitting..not so much.

I don’t understand why these boutiques are so averse to semi-stitched suits. They run away at the very mention of semi! So when I showed the anakali to my boutique lady just a week before the wedding, I had expected her to go “ooooooh its so pretty” but instead she goes “ohh the neck is done already..I see..the kalis are done too..umm” . So she went into this long speech about how the kalis on this particular anarkali are meant for a more round body instead of my petite frame and so they need to be re-done again and how the yolk on the neck is too heavy etc etc. I don’t need the technicalities lady, its your job! All I want is a pretty anarkali as I imagine it in my head.

anarkali suit for indian wedding

First, I am not at all happy with how the bust looks. Its so flat to put it plain! Whats the point of an anarkali without a little detailing at the bust line? And since the back is kept low, it limits the brassiere options. And people the bust has been stitched in such a way that even Kim Kardashian would complain! Any suggestions you girls can give? Seriously I’m not going out like that again. This time I just used my hair and the dupatta to cover it but that looks so stupid!

Secondly, the fit wasn’t that great either. The arms, pajami, etc. I somehow wore it like that this one time but I gave it for re-fitting after the function. Seriously I hate getting my clothes stitched at these boutiques. I so want my personal tailor..one day..one day!

red anarkali wedding suit

I wore the 5inches golden pumps I showed you before with the outfit. They make me look super tall. I almost fell once in front of everybody. Naah I just love them.

indian beauty makeup blog

My makeup break down for the look:

Face: Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation, Mac Mineralize Skin Finish Natural, Lakme Day blushes

Eyes: I think I used different shades from a l’oreal, lakme and maybelline palette (Basically any matte brown and beige would do), Maybelline Gel Eyeliner, Lakme Kohl Ultimate, Lakme Eyeconic Mascara

Lips: Maybelline MAT 3, TBS clear gloss (don’t know what was I thinking but I wear this lipstick everywhere these days!)

dewy makeup look tutorial

And for my hair, I had hair spa done just a day back so my hair were behaving pretty amazingly. So just made a pouf and fixed with some hair spray. And those red extensions really complimented the outfit.

makeup look indian wedding

I don’t need to use a highlighter. The only perk of having a super oily skin I guess. The glow you see on the cheekbones is just the oil. For the first few hours I can manage the oil but after some 5-6 hours it spreads all over the face and that is when things turn ugly.

outfit and makeup for day wedding

Btw its time to get a new foundation. My Studio Fix is nc40 and with the winters setting in I’m moving back to nc35. My face looks a little muddy in some of the photos (like the one below) because of a darker foundation. It isn’t much noticeable but I can see how pathetic it would look for the December wedding I’ve to attend. So I’m thinking of getting a much creamier formula. Any suggestions? I am open to all the brands but since Mac shades suit me so its more preferable. How is the Prolong Wear foundation? Any other I should check out?

traditional indian makeup look

Btw I went for a mini trip this weekend. Also got to see the Taj Mahal. I have visited there once when I was around 10 but things have changed a lot (for better) after it got the 7 Wonders status. A lot of stairs and passages are now out of limits which makes it a little boring. But Taj is Taj!