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Makeup Mithai : Indian Bridal Diaries

makeup mithai

Yes makeup as mithai instead of the moti choor ke ladoos, kaju ki barfis, rasmalai, coconut barfi….oooh my mouth is watering. You must have guessed I’ve a sweet tooth or maybe sweet teeth! A new wedding gift for Indian brides (may be I should apply for the copyrights). So this all started when we were planning for a gift for my cousin’s wife-to-be. Since the bride was a makeup virgin, the beauty blogger in me jumped to her rescue. So I started buying makeup for her…..I started with simple fuss free basic stuff since the only lipstick she has is inherited from her mom probably (an ugly maroon). I included some base makeup, a blush palette, eye makeup, 3 lipsticks, 2 nail paints, skin care, hair care.

makeup gifts

Do you have any idea how over priced the vanity boxes are? Everything good is beyond 5k! And after buying all that makeup, I was out of my budget. So my mom being a wise woman she is said “why don’t we give it away as shagun?” And I was sold with my wallet smiling at me. All I needed was a makeup tray and some gift wrapping material. My mom took out a Diwali gift pack loaded with Snickers, 5 Stars, eclairs, gems and all other heavenly things…..which we emptied in 1 day. Come on it was for a good cause *I swear*

gift shagun

1. So the tray was ready now.

2. Now I secured all the makeup items with some glue and dusted some coloured balls, craft glitter, ribbons, etc.

3. Now I covered the thali with a thin plastic sheet to secure the tray.

4. I took a net golden dupatta kind of cloth (available at all gift stores for some 30 bucks) and wrapped up the thali and secured it with a knot. Add some fancy bow or flower at the top to wedding-fy it.

And you are done…..tadaaaa!!

gifts for her

What all I included in my mithai makeup gift pack:

1. Maybelline BB cream for daily use – Rs.200

2. Lakme Invisible foundation (had a hard time guessing her correct match so didnt splurge much) – Rs.190

3. L’Oreal Infallible lipstick (because every bride needs a long lasting lipstick) in some ruby shade – Rs.800

4. Maybelline Color Sensational Autumn Rush (basic nude brown) – Rs.300

5. Lotus Herbals lipstick (don’t remember the name but it was a very pretty coral pink) – Rs.300 approx

6. Lakme Absolute Baked Blush in Night Queen – Rs.550

7. Chambor eyeshadow trio – Rs.400 approx

8. Oriflame clickit eyeliner and mascara duo – Rs.200

9. Maybelline nail paint (astral green I guess) – Rs.91

10. Lotus Herbals nail colour (red) – Rs.135 approx

11. Lakme Winter Care Day Cream – Rs.150

12. Neautrogena daily scrub – rs.60

13. Lotus Herbals Stick foundation and concealer – Rs.200 approx

14. Enchanteur body lotion and deodorant (Charming) – Rs.300

15. Dove Oil Hair serum – Rs.300

Total price: Rs.4176!! You see I suck to only drugstore brands, you can go higher depending on your budget.

bridal gifts


How do you like my makeup mithai?

11 thoughts on “Makeup Mithai : Indian Bridal Diaries”

  1. She must be really happy!
    My cousin is getting married in July n I am so glad u did this post, coz nw I knw wht to get her.
    A gurl can never have enough make-up n skin-care.
    Thanks Ansh.


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