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Makeup and Beauty Favourites – July 2013

Favourite makeup beauty products India

Makeup and Beauty Favourites

All I did in July last month was in pin safety pin. I’m so confused that I want to pull my hair out. Actually I’ve to opt for my mba specialization. Till last night I was sure I would take marketing as my major and finance as my minor. And by this afternoon I was sure I would swap human resource with finance as my major. And right now I’m sure I’ve no clue! The thing is I suck at numbers so I try run far far away but end up with it any way. To deal with all the madness my hands automatically go on brighter fun colours that scream

      summer. So here I am showing the products I totally loved last month.

1. Sleek iDivine Acid Palette: It is my favourite eyeshadow palette. Although some of the colours are totally non wearable like that orange and the yellow. But who cares! I love to look at it. Just watching it is a great mood booster. The colours I wear mostly are both the plum and purple on extreme left, both the blues on extreme right. And the black ofcourse.

2. Ponds BB Cream: Its my favourite tinted moisturiser in a sleeker and cheaper avatar! It gives the best coverage among all my bb creams.

3. L’Oreal Lipstick Pink Passion: Every time I go out wearing it, girls ask me what I am wearing on my lips. People also ask for budget dupes but sorry no luck till now.

4. Revlon Lip Butter Berry Smoothie: The go-to lip colour when you can’t decide anything. Goes with everything. Plus no need for a lip balm!

5. L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara: I am loving a new mascara after so long. After a really bad experience with the Faces Pro Gel mascara

 I had almost given up on them until this came along.

6. Avon Nail Enamels: Loving both these two colours. You have already seen me sporting one. And these dry quickly too.

7. Lakme Absolute Day Blushes: A pop of pink on your cheeks and you are done! This is my go to blush btw.

8. Not makeup related but I have started with Friends season 6. Everytime I hit a block while writing, I go back to those 6 room mates and everything gets sorted.

neon summer eyeshadow palette favourite
favourite neon summer eyeshadow palette
july beauty products of the month
july beauty products of the month
summer spring favourite beauty products
summer spring 13 favourite beauty products


Can you suggest any way I wear those 4 colours at the centre of Acid Palette. They are the reason why I got it in the first place!

Btw help me choose between finance and HR. Any MBAs here?!

33 thoughts on “Makeup and Beauty Favourites – July 2013”

  1. Hmm..quite confusion here-
    And i noticed ur confusion includes mkt HR and Fin..HR is something which is a comfy option for a girl, Marketing only when you like promotions and consider outdoor/tour jobs too. (one day or another it will be your call) Finance will go well with economics as you have all studied it.
    I had my grad n master’s in eco too which i expanded with mkt and Masscomm :)

  2. My fav is the ponds bb cream… lovely post ang go for Finance if you good with numbers.. choose HR if you have the interpersonal skills..:)

  3. I think those colors would go good with floral prints and pastels !
    like orange( or peach ?) with mint green trousers and yellow with blue ones and like that ! as the way you pair tops with trousers :). Just my take !

  4. Woohoo! I am loking the palette! In fact, I am loving the whole assortment. I agree with the BB Cream. I am using it and I am more than happy with it right now :)

  5. Anshita can u please suggest a good moisturiser for me? I have oily skin and even neutrogena spf 15 is making it greasy :(

  6. I was as confused as your are when i had to choose my major..i settled with Operations as my major and HR as my minor!! I dont regret the decision but these subjects just dont interest me anymore :/

  7. hi Anshita :) nice picks :) I lik day blushes, Million volume mascara & Ponds BB cream is my fav tinted moisturiser – it is so much better & cheaper than other BB creams :)

  8. Marketing & HR r specialisation sought after across businesses.
    Marketing offers more jobs n better packages ….also the stress is more. But if you have tact and skill you can do well here. Its very interesting.

    HR on the other hand is again tact n people skills. Its a more desk profile does involve number crunching n a lot of paperwork n streamlining.
    HRs are respected by employees…the go between employees n employer. So do a bit of personality assessment before opting for either.
    If career growth, dynamism n package excite u then marketing.
    If you r OK taking a step at a time and a less exciting but equally rewarding profile then HR.

  9. I have afriend.. she and her sister share the same palette. Just day before y’day one of the was sporting the colors from mid palette. A winged liner eye do…the darker of the two blues contouring the liner but not the winged end, and a lught-handed smudge (i’d rather say dab) of the acid/lime/neon green on the outer lower lashe.. And to top ot all light strokes of mascara, clean skin, a natural flush and balm-y pink-y sort of lips(mlbb kinx balm texture pink). And the backdrop of gloomy monsoon rains & sky. She looked amazingly fresh.
    And she is complexioned around same as you.

  10. You have a good selection of favourites. The palette looks scary to me and you are worried about just the 4 shades in the middle?!

    Definitely gonna try the ponds BB cream very soon.

  11. heyy anshita.. :) as i read this post its a deja vu moment for me.. coz i went through the same dilemma 2 months ago..

    initially i also decided to take mktng and hr coz i m not very good with numbers.. but then i decided u do it only once and no point in regretting later.. if not now wen else will i learn and master wt i’m not so good at? and just a matter of 3 months of hard/smart work and den life will become mch easier whether you opt to be an entrepreneur or work.

    and i prsnly wanna become an entrepreneur so decided mktng and finance is the combo that will help me.. and Mktng and finance together has a great scope.. did some research about that :P.

    so i guess you should take fin with mktng and learn wt ur not so good at and practically thinking every small medium or large company has mktng and fin dept so its obvious it has a mch bttr and wider scope.. hope this helps you to decide bttr :)

  12. and oh ya taking hr does nt mean u wont have to deal with num.. it also has a lot of number wrk involved when in practice though not as a subject.. think of the long term gain that your specialisation will fetch you and you will be able to decide bttr.. i know its the last yr n all so most of us wanna have fun n all that but at the same time what you choose and do now defines your future and your career. so i chose marketing + finance..


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