Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation Swatches, Review and FOTD

Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

By Contributor: Saraswathi Sneha

Sipping a hot cup of coffee, gazing at the rain drops peacefully and snatching hot onion pakodas from kitchen is something that has always been a traditional-fabulous-moment in all of our lives. What brings me the add-on happiness is that exploration carried over in my outdoors for hunting the best daylight settings which could be effectively used for my product reviews and swatches. Before I begin with the review, I would like to dedicate a biggggggg hug to all my amazing readers. Thanks wouldn’t be enough to

      reciprocate love/eagerness that you have shown through your encouraging responses for my first contribution on VNA – MAC Match Master Foundation Review. I am really overwhelmed to see the excitement over pouring on VNA when it comes to Indian beauty blogging. Eventually, it triggers me to contribute more.  Thank you all again and with that I present my 2nd review on another MAC product – MAC Studio Fix Powder plus Foundation NC40.

MUAs have made an unnoticeable difference in my face. Yes! It is ‘Unnoticeable’! Post the entry of MAC Match Master Foundation and MAC Studio Fix Powder, my base make-up blends perfectly with my skin tone making it more natural which is why I more often hear these words from my friends ‘Why do you need a foundation? , Your skin is just fine’. I would just giggle inside thinking if I hadn’t used this product that is capable of blending so well, I would have definitely been a bait for questions like “Are you unwell?

“, “Why do you look so dull“, “Your face has become patchy, I guess you need to look for a better base coverage“, “OMG! It is sunny, don’t let her out! Her make-up is already cracking /dissolving“. Thanks to MAC for giving me a break from cakey make-up.

It wouldn’t be fair if all the credits are grabbed by Match Master Foundation. Behind the flawless look, stands another pillar, a fabulous product from the same family – MAC Studio Fix Powder plus Foundation.

Mac Claims: A one-step powder and foundation that provides a smooth, flawless, all-matte, full coverage finish. Long-wearing, velvety texture allows skin to breathe.

As far as my experience is concerned, I second to whatever the company has claimed. When I walked into MAC Store looking for a good foundation and compact, MUAs first guided me towards MAC Studio Fix product claiming that it does both the jobs of foundation & powder. I was really astonished and asked them to help me with the right shade.

I was slightly confused between NC42 and NC40 but I found that NC42 is much yellowish than NC40. When MUAs tried NC42 on me I looked totally tanned. I didn’t like that yellowish effect on my face as though my exit had been straight from a beach post a thorough tanning. So when they suggested me NC40, it was much better than NC42 and thank God it wasn’t yellow. Before I used this product I made sure that I cleansed my face thoroughly as I wanted to see the real effect of it.

So when they tried NC40 on my face, it blended very well and as claimed by MAC it was purely an all-matte finish. The texture was very smooth and since I have a dry to normal skin it worked perfectly well for me. When I enquired the same for one of my friends who have got an oily skin MUA told me that it works good with oily skin for the powder is much dry and is capable of absorbing oil effectively.

I could also notice that my skin wasn’t jam packed after application; your skin has absolutely enough scope to breathe and it isn’t suffocated at all. I was pleased with the purchase of MAC Studio Fix Compact but for some reason I still wanted a foundation which does the job of base application alone. So that’s how I ended up with MAC Match Master Foundation. For my daily wear, I begin with the base application using MAC Match Master Foundation post which I obtain full coverage using MAC Studio Fix.

When I researched a lot about MAC Studio Fix I was so contented to see that it has been a Pro’s choice till date. However I am neither a Pro nor an MUA but considering my experience here, I can proudly state that Studio Fix hasn’t disappointed me at all. But for some reason I totally feel complete only when I use it along with the foundation. May be I am used to the application of foundation first and then the compact & I am really not able to feel contented with Studio Fix Powder alone. It perfectly does the job of a foundation but considering that efficiency achieved when it is used after using a liquid foundation impresses me a lot. If you are that girl who isn’t much concerned about the necessity of a separate foundation, then you can definitely go for this one.

Packaging – It has a got a black casing in the outer and there are 3 set-ups/compartments inside. One is for the mirror, the second is for the product and the third is for a sponge case. I have been using this product for three months and it took two months for me to discover that there is a sponge case hidden beneath the product! I was in fact surprised and shocked at the same time. However I have separate brushes for powder application and I hardly used the sponge which came with the product. Not that it is bad but to me powder application is at its best when used with brushes.

Coverage – The powder is too soft to touch and you will definitely be astonished seeing how fine the texture is once you apply it on your face. What I loved about the product is that it absorbs into the pores quickly and gives nothing except full-matte finish. As I had mentioned earlier, my experience post the usage of Studio Fix compact along with Match Master has assisted perfectly well on my face to obtain a full-matte-coverage the whole day (8-9 hours).

When I have to go out for any unplanned meet-ups I simply use a moisturizer, primer and the Powder Plus Foundation. Trust Me! To people outside it totally looks like I have incorporated my complete morning-make-up routine on my face starting from cleanser to loose powder.

Some of you might have this question, ‘What about the stay of MAC Studio Fix alone leaving the foundation behind’? Generally the reason I strongly believe in using a liquid foundation before compact is that it blends in completely and keeps the powder application intact for hours.

But to answer your question; when I tried using MAC powder alone without the foundation application, I could feel some sense of incompleteness. It did last for me for more than 7 hours, however after a busy day when I checked on my face there were no cakey layers as such but could feel that some places looked pretty dry and I felt that lack of hydration in my face.

This is obviously a dry powder and it is serves its purpose completely but according to me to see the fabulous effects of MAC Studio Fix I strongly suggest you all to use it post a liquid foundation. Again I am not against powder foundations but I have always experienced that liquid foundation does the best to keep the powder intact for hours without drying up.

Price – MAC Studio Fix comes in 15 g/.52 oz and trust me I have not even finished ¼ of the product in 3 months, I am sure it’s going last for one whole year. We are already aware of how the MAC products are priced and no wonder that Studio FixPowder is also another highly priced possession of mine. Its priced at $27 but again shock waits only when converted to INR; I purchased it for Rs 1800.

Usage Tip – When you go for powder based foundation, it is always good to use a concealer first in the specific areas intended to reduce marks, acne or dark circles followed by the powder based foundation application. This is vice versa when it comes to liquid foundation. You need to apply liquid foundation first and then the concealer.

These are the swatches of the compact

And this is how Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation looks on my face

Pros of MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation:

  • Gives a full-matte coverage
  • Lasts for 8-9 hours as claimed
  • Smooth texture
  • Absorbs oil easily
  • Allows skin to breathe
  • Long lasting product in terms of quantity as well
  • Blends easily with any kind of skin tone
  • No cakey layers or patches formed

Cons of Studio Fix:

  • Price
  • Gets dried up too fast
  • Frequent Hydration after usage is necessary for healthy skin
  • Works best only after the application of liquid foundation

Price: Rs.1800

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Conclusion: MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation has always been a Pro’s choice till date. Be it a fashion week or a studio shoot, it will always take a special place for quick fixes and matte-coverage on different kinds of skin tones. With its smooth texture it easily blends into your skin and gives you a full-matte finish thereby allowing your skin to breathe pretty good. I personally find that it would be much useful for people with oily skin (My friend who has got an oily skin tried it and it worked good for her). It works best after liquid foundation application and stays intact for many hours. Seek the MUAs for helping you with the right shade which is vital in using a powder plus foundation product.

I hope I haven’t dragged you much into boredom, hoping so I end this review here and will be back with another interesting product review soon. Feel free to drop in your comments/questions if any, I would love to get in touch with you all.

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  • wow beautifully explained Saraswathi ! your skin looked so flawless! Very Nice review & Fotd! Superlyk!

  • Very well explained! Thanks! However I have a doubt. I've come across many reviews where the reviewer complains that though the base makeup product looked amazing under the harsh lighting of the store, it didn't look that great under natural light. Now I need to purchase base makeup for work where I'll be under harsh flourescent light for 9-10 hrs a day. In that case doesn't it make sense to purchase what suited me under the store lighting rather than what would suit me under natural light?

    • Thank you so much Preeti :D Always while choosing your products for base make-up, be it foundation or compact, make sure that it is exactly the same color as your skin. When you seek MUA's for the best shade, instead of trying it on your hands let the swatches be on your face. Take your pocket mirror and move outside for a while and do check the shade under natural light.
      It is going to be weird to walk with swatches outside but it isn't bad when compared to choosing a wrong expensive foundation/compact and looking different everyday. Check the shade in natural light and make sure it is of the same color as your skin, try blending it and buy it only when you find it natural and your skin color and the base make-up swatch aren't looking too different.
      Also I get the question what you asked, although you stay 8-9 hrs inside it might look perfect at that point of time, but definitely you are going to take a peek outside in natural light for a walk or snacks or lunch or anything. So at that time it might totally look different on you and all eyes will be on you because wrong choice of foundations are easily visible.
      In this case if you look for a right foundation in natural light your face might not look different and it will perfectly fit your needs. The only advantage here is that you are free to move outside without any hesitation although you might feel that your face is not that dazzling under harsh light compared to what it was before, since the foundation/compact which you tried under harsh light might have been stunning.
      But it always better to go for the latter, to avoid Faux Pas under natural light :D I hope I have answered to your question :D

  • A very detailed review. This is going to be my first MAC Purchase when I start earning :D

  • this beats ur earlier review sneha! i so love dat u described everything to d last detail! :)

  • Nah. This space is becoming dangerous for my pocket!! I want to stay away from MAC products, but these constant raves are now drawing me in. Don't know how long I can hold on to my MAC viginity :P

    • Ha Haaa :D :D :D There is one more from me coming on the way soon :D Actually the next one will be the last product I own in MAC :D It causes trouble even to my pocket ;) But trust me my intuition says 'You are gonna own a MAC product soon' :P :P :P He Heee :)

  • I too use this foundation and my shade is C6, what is the difference between NC and C? Why is that everybody says I am Nc this or that?

  • Hi Rachna,

    C stands for 'Cool' and NC stands for 'Neutral Cool', Similarly N stands for 'Neutral', NW stands for 'Neutral Warm' and W stands for 'Warm'. All these denote the skin tones.

    The yellowish/golden skin tone fall in the category of cool ones and pinkish shades fall under the warm category.

    Also if your shade is C6, the number denotes the depth of the shade. Higher the number, deeper the color.

    That's why when people say NC40 or NC20 it denotes the 'Neutral Cool' shade - slightly golden shade and the number 40 or 20 denotes the depth of the shade.

  • awesome review dear...I am using this one n totally loved it..
    very well explained sneha <3...


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