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MAC Pro Longwear Lipcolour Perennial Rose, Unchanging: Reviews, Swatches


Reviews, Swatches and Price of MAC Pro Longwear Lipcolour Perennial Rose and Unchanging

By Contributor: Shahina

The solution to all the girls’ problem is here- I’m not exaggerating I’m serious. This longwear lipstick is the ultimate must have product. I’m saying this because even after you eat, this lipstick won’t get off your lovely lips!! Yes the ultimate touch up problem is  solved. I’m talking about the MAC PRO LONGWEAR LIP COLOR. I got it in 2 shades: Unchanging and Perennial Rose. This thin and sleek lipcolour has two sides- one with the colour and other side clear. I basically got to know about this product when I was attending a wedding. After eating, it was a normal problem to me- I needed to apply my lipstick again because when you eat the lipstick fades away. The worst feeling ever!

Even though you put on the lip-liner (which I don’t) the lipstick still fades away and the outline of the lip-liner remains making the lips look weird and unpolished (to me it does!) Now this lipcolour is what every girl needs like I mentioned before. Going on a date? A marriage or movies or business lunch, you would not need to search for a bathroom and re-apply your lip color because face it a lipstick changes the whole face, makes it look presentable and I don’t need to go on and on about how lipstick works wonders! (You guys are smart enough


MAC CLAIMS: A long wearing lip colour that applies in two quick steps. Soft and comfortable on… Kiss, drink, eat. Smudge, run, transfer and feather proof. Pro long wear colour is best removed with cleanse off oil.


My Review:

Shades: Perennial Rose is a peacy rose kind of shade. Unchanging is a cool toned pink shade.

So you won’t need a touch-up or reapplication, trust me guys it’s really a problem solver! As you can see the swatches on my wrist I won’t lie but I tried smudging it really quickly after taking pictures but nope, nothing, no smudging, it won’t even come off with water, it needs a make-up remover! (Oil-based preferable) Isn’t it a blessing? Hell YEAH.

Especially during Marriage season this proves to be a lucky thing, I have personal experience. You are picture perfect. Think about this even while eating you have your lipcolour on and if the photographers try to click a picture of you (which they happen to do the most!) while eating the last thing you would worry about if your makeup is in place or not!! If you are on a date, you don’t need to leave your boyfriend alone and find a mirror for touch-up and look perfect like you were at the start of the date! Amazing isn’t it? I know exactly how you feel!! If it’s a presentation you can trust on this glossy lipstick and not worry about it too much!

All you have to do is apply on your lower lip and quickly (real quick, no I’m serious really quick) rub your lips together, smudge it and then shape it with the brush or the stick provided to you


Now when I said real quick is because the PRO LONGWEAR LIP COLOR dries out really fast, so the first timers be really careful in applying it because once it’s on, it’s on for 24 hours!! So when you start applying please be really careful if it’s not in place like it spreads outside it would be hell lot of effort to remove it and plus a waste of time.

So when you apply it, make sure you apply it perfectly and then smear with your upper lip and then just define it a bit more and then flip the stick and apply clear gloss. When you open the clear lip gloss and apply…you would literally beam.

Why? Because when you put the clear lip-gloss on your lips, you get a whiff of chocolate. Who doesn’t love chocolate and its fragrance? I do!!


Good points about MAC Pro Longwear Lipcolour Perennial Rose:

  • It’s incredible; I mean who wouldn’t agree with me on this!
  • All day long, hustle free- no reapplication for 24 hours! (Tried and tested!)
  • When you open the clear side of lipstick, you get a tang of chocolate (I sometimes apply without lipstick too, I guess you figured out how much I love the clear lip gloss)
  • Easy to carry.

Bad pointers about MAC Pro Longwear Lipcolour Unchanging:

  • Dries out really quick like instantly! (Beginners or first timers make sure you apply it with focus.)
  • If not applied properly it looks really bad and then you can’t get off which is worst! (Disaster recipe)
  • Girls who hate the chocolate (very few of them) wouldn’t want to apply the clear lip gloss


Price: 8ml for 30$ and Rs.1525 (a little expensive but worth it)

VNA Rating: 4.5/5 (The most difficult part for me because I love lipsticks, each and every one I have. Which girl doesn’t? But because of some bad pointers, now I don’t want to be biased, I would deduct some marks)

Conclusion: In all, the lipstick is great. I mean we don’t have any lipstick which stays on like FOREVER. (I don’t know any apart from this) it’s like a magic wand for all the ladies out there. No thinking twice about touching up. Wherever you are, eating, drinking, partying, marriage, brunch, lunch, dinner (I could go on but I’ll stop) it’s a hassle free and easy to clutch, very convenient. Like always this is Shahina signing out!

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