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MAC Prep+Prime Face Protect Protection Visage SPF 50: Review, Swatches


Review, Swatches, How to Use, Price of MAC Prep + Prime Face Protect Protection Visage SPF 50

By Contributor: Vanshita

A confession first; I have always treated my skin in the most terrible fashion. As a teen and young adult my skin was oily, so apart from washing my face with harsh soaps, I never applied anything on my face. In my late twenties I woke up to the benefits of face wash and night creams but applying cream was still an erratic and once in a while affair. I used to have an oily skin but after forty years it has become very dry except the T-Zone. Enter MAC Prep + Prime Face Protect Protection Visage SPF 50 and all my skin troubles are minimized to a certain extent. Let’s start with its review and swatches and see how it works.

My skin is patchy, two toned and peeling leather, in other words thoroughly abused. Applying foundation or any makeup for that matter was a nightmare as you could see the flaky bits and double toned skin ensured my foundation never matched my skin completely. First, the MUA at MAC store

was sweet enough to tell me that I should scrub my face twice in a week on a regular basis which will reduce the flakiness. He then showed me how to apply the MAC prep + prime primer beneath my makeup thus taking care of uneven skin tone, pimple scars and sun spots. They don’t disappear but become mute and makeup easily hides them. You need very little amount, though the sales person used a foundation brush to apply it. I simply use my fingers and the result is smooth, bright skin ready for makeup. At times (on the beach) I just apply the mac skin visage primer and go. Since it has SPF 50, I skip my sun screen too. Not that I recommend such a lazy irresponsible behavior.


MAC Claims: New formula – lighter, weightless and invisible. Lotion-like, skin-protecting cream with SPF 50. Apply under makeup to prime the face before exposure to the sun. Fast absorbing, leaving skin free of any white residual effects. Wear daily to guard against skin discoloration, premature aging, dryness and other effects of sun exposure. Suitable for all skin types.


My Review of MAC Prep + Prime Visage:

Now let’s get into the serious review business. The MAC Primer has light texture and a hint of highlight which when applied disappears but manages to make the skin look dewy. I love the packaging; its black tube with specs of color, looks very attractive and chic. I could not detect any odor so from a smell perspective it is neutral. The primer should ideally be applied after moisturizing the skin but lazy ones like me can apply immediately after cleansing the face. Using too much of the skin visage base results in oily skin and gives a sweaty effect. For very dry skin types, it’s a perfect go to primer but for oily skin types and for the in between ones, such as dry skin with oily T-Zone,  just a tiny blob is sufficient.

This prep prime primer manages to lightly conceal the abuse of my skin as it hides the patchiness, scars and enlarged pores. At times, I use it as an eye primer as well, though it gets a little oily on the lids after two to three hours.


How to apply MAC Face Protect Protection Visage SPF 50 (as followed by me):

Take a tiny blob of the face primer, smaller than the tip of your finger on the back of your hand. Apply dots all over your face. Slightly wet your fingers with rose water and spread the product all over the face using gentle round motion. Don’t forget to apply it under the eyes, near the hairline and on the neck. You are now ready to apply your eye primer, foundation or BB cream and concealer.


Benefits of MAC Prep + Prime Face Protect Protection Visage SPF 50:

  • Requires very little amount, so the product lasts a long time.
  • Evens out skin tone.
  • Brightens the skin.
  • Hides enlarged pores to some extent.
  • Odor free and light.
  • Does not clog pores.
  • Provides sun protection.
  • Proves an excellent makeup base.

Damages of MAC Prep + Prime Face Protect Protection Visage SPF 50:

  • Oily if applied with a heavy hand.
  • On oily skin, it starts looking oily and sweaty after two or three hours (if used in large quantities)


Price in India: Rs.2500

VNA Rating: 4/5

Conclusion: In this day and age, makeup without a primer is a big no-no therefore it’s a must have for all makeup lovers and users even if you use makeup occasionally. This primer can be applied independently or with a very light coverage and it will still mute the blemishes and other skin defects considerably. It is ideal for use on a beach or in humid weather. An important addition to a nude no makeups look. Guys, let me know what you think about this primer, as for me, it gets a thumbs up and a 4 out of 5 rating. Worth every rupee spent on it.

Have you used MAC Prep + Prime Face Protect Protection Visage SPF 50? Share your review with us.

263 thoughts on “MAC Prep+Prime Face Protect Protection Visage SPF 50: Review, Swatches”

    • For every day I prefer mac face and body .it has very light coverage but incase I have a bad skin day I use lakme soufflé the one that comes in cute ball shape. All these are good for dry to normal skin.for a full coverage I use mac studio fix , it’s proper war paint.it’s not suitable for very dry skin I mix it with a little baby oil or almond oil . You can also try body shop mineral foundation it comes both in powder and cream form and is.build able. Hope this helps.

  1. Hey there..I have never used any sunscreen on my face…I have abided only by a moisturiser all this while.. Also a fan of the strobe cream.
    I needed your guidance to understand can I use the prep and prime above followed by a moisturiser and strobe cream routine.
    Awaiting your reply.


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