MAC Prep + Prime CC Colour Correcting SPF 30 Creme: Review, Swatches

Review, Swatches, Price of MAC Prep+ Prime Colour Correcting SPF 30 Creme in shade Neutralize

By Contributor: Monica

I don’t have troubled skin to begin with except a bit of unevenness around the chin and redness around the nose. I can easily do away with simple bb creams and sheer powder on top for my mall trips and dates. For last 2 years I have used garnier bb cream but now when I was earning I thought OK! lemme splurge on MAC and this is how this MAC cc cream entered into my life. BTW after seeing my overgrowing vanity, my boyfriend has put me on a makeup ban and I am now allowed to buy only 1 makeup-product per month and this includes nail-paints also. More on my sad story later on, lets move on to the review of Prep + Prime CC Colour Correcting Creme in shade Neutralize.

MAC Claims: A multitasking formula that evens skin tone, increases luminosity and inhibits oily shine while protecting from harmful UVA/UVB rays. This moisturizing primer also keeps skin fresh and hydrated throughout the day.

My Review:

Packaging: the MAC CC Cream comes in a shiny black colour tube with very thin nozzle. I like this kind of packaging any day because I don’t have to dig in my nails every time to get the product and this nozzle prevents the product wastage. Waise bhi MAC products are as so damn expensive these days that little wastage can cause severe depression!

Anyways moving onto the texture, the cc cream is somewhat thick in nature. Thick to the extent that it is a task to blend it properly into the skin.  What i do is i take small portion at a time and blend it in there and then move on to the next portion.

The shade of this CC cream- neutralize is yellow, like pale yellow. This shade has been specifically designed to counter the redness in the skintone. Like I said I have redness around my nose and mouth so i use this creme to cover the same. This CC cream does not have much colour into it and is quite sheer on its own but is great in its part. It awesomely covers any redness that you may have and since it is matte, works great in oil control also.

Being a primer it reduces the appearance of pores and camouflages their appearance to a great extent. I have slight fine lines under my eyes and it hardly helps me in reducing their appearance.

I don’t use the mac creme all over my face as on the places where I don’t have any redness it makes me look too white white. So what i basically do is I use this around my mouth, chin and then use my regular primer on rest of the face and follow it up with powder on regular trips and studio fix fluid on special occasions. On either days, it stays put the whole day and extends the wear time of my make up.

Lot being praised about, now comes the bummer part. One major reason I don’t use it on my entire face is that because of its thick texture, it gave me a pimple on the first time i used it all over. I have quite sensitive skin and anything thick in texture gives me a zit instantly. However, when used sparingly only on problem areas, it works perfectly.

What I Like about MAC Prep + Prime CC Colour Correcting SPF 30 Creme:

  • Sleek and hygienic packaging
  • Counter redness in the Indian skin tones perfectly
  • Covers up the large pores
  • Extends foundation/powder wear time
  • Keeps skin oil free for long

What I don’t like about MAC Prep + Prime CC Colour Correcting SPF 30 Creme:

  • Difficult to blend, thick texture
  • Gives pimples when used on sensitive skin

Price: Rs.2100

VNA Rating: 4/5

Do I recommend: yes if you are an oil producing factory with redness here and there. I know its expensive but a little goes a long way.

Have you used MAC Prep + Prime CC Colour Correcting SPF 30 Creme? Share your reviews with us.

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