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MAC Mehr Lipstick Swatches and Review

mac mehr lipstick

MAC Mehr Lipstick

By Contributor: Samannita Modak

Mac Mehr was launched as a Limited Collection lipstick few years back with the Mickey Contactor collection along with Double Shot, Tabla and Yash. That range was an instant hit with us Indians and was sold out everywhere within weeks of its launch. Mehr was the only lipstick I wanted desperately Middle Eastern Lipstick Collection. Later Mac introduced Mehr again as part of its permanent collection. It had to! I first saw it online after reading the rave reviews and swatches..I fell in love with the shade…sounds like falling in love online!  Every time I hit the MAC store in my city, it would be out of stock. I used to talk to Mehr in my tanhaayi and soon I got my hands on it!

MAC Mehr Lipstick Review photo

Mac describes Mehr as a dirty blue pink. The shade looks like a pretty brown in the bullet but looks neutral rosy pink on my lips. The shade does have a little cool tone to it. It is a matte lipstick which is why I just love it. The colour didn’t show up that good in my swatches. The photos just don’t capture the pink in it. It would suit fair to medium Indian skin tones. I feel it would wash out the dusky girls. I basically use it to club with my smoky eyes looks and it works really nicely that way. Although its good to wear during the day too.

The colour resembles Cosmo a lot..although in finishes they are poles apart. Cosmo is creamy while Mehr is matte. But if you have one then you don’t need the other one. But if you are a Mac lover than you are excused to get both of them!

MAC Mehr Lipstick photo

Even though the texture is matte, it is non-drying and glides so smoothly on lips that you might think it is from the Satin range and got launched by mistake with the matte collection! But still proper exfoliation of lips before applying it is suggested. Girls with dry lips may need a lip balm underneath it or can top it up with a clear lip gloss to avoid drying of lips. The staying power of the lipstick is approx. 6 hours. It transfers a bit but which can be ignored.

The lipstick comes in the usual black case and signature vanilla fragrance.

Let’s check the photos and swatches:

MAC Mehr Lipstick Swatches

Swatches of Mac Mehr in natural light. It really is a dirty neutral/cool pink

MAC Mehr Lipstick Swatch


mac mehr lipstick lip swatch


mac mehr lipstick lip swatches

The good things about Mac Mehr lipstick:

  • The lovely neutral dirty pink that looks fab on fair to medium Indian skin tones.
  • The lovely vanilla fragrance
  • Its matte but still glides easily on lips.
  • Light weight
  • Quite pigmented – One or two swipes are enough to give opaque coverage.

Now the bad things about the matte lipstick:

  • As it is the hottest selling shade, you might not find it most of the times because it is out of stock mostly
  • Dry lips girls should apply a lip balm or gloss with the lipstick.

MAC Mehr Lipstick Review

Price: Rs.990

VNA Rating: 4/5

My final word: Mac Mehr lipstick is a must buy for those neutral pink lovers but still I feel it is not an unusual shade and you can easily find some dupes of it at an affordable price but still a MAC is MAC! Its a dirty cool pink which would wash out dusky skin tones. Both Mehr and Cosmo are quite similar when it comes to the shade. So if you like creamy lipsticks then go for Cosmo and Mehr for matte texture.