MAC Mangrove Proenza Schouler Collection Lipstick: Review, Swatches, Dupes and FOTD

MAC x Proenza Schouler Collection Mangrove Lipstick Review

By Contributor: Samannita

A girl can’t have enough red lipsticks..I am a good example if you want proof! Yes after having lots of pinks and browns in my lipstick stash now it’s turn for red. The more red lipsticks I buy..the more addicted I get. I am buying different types of red and this time I got Mangrove from the MAC Cosmetics Proenza Schouler collection which includes four shades of lipsticks: Woodrose, Primrose, Pinkfringe and 

Mangrove. I found only Mangrove appealing. This collection was released all over the world (I guess) but in India it was released only in a few cities and Delhi is one of them along with Mumbai but in Kolkata these was never launched.

MAC Claims: For Summer 2014, MAC decided to team up with the womenswear and accessories brand Proenza Schouler. A stylish label based in New York and this Summer MAC and their fashion-label-collab came up with a bright and playful collection, wrapped in luscious ombre-chrome packaging which is named as MAC Proenza Schouler collection.

My Review:

The ombre packaging actually tempted me a lot to get this atleast one product from the Proenza Schouler Collection. And it is never difficult to get a LE when you have a friend like Shivani who is as crazy about makeup as I am so things happen very easily and smoothly and the most amazing part is she was on a holiday at the time the collection got launched but after coming back I don’t know how she magically managed to get me my most wanted lipstick – Mangrove!

Coming to the packaging I fiund Proenza Schouler to be the most attractive after the Archie’s collection. The ombre effect of purple,yellow and green and the blush are two things that attracted me the most. I was planning to buy the blush ombre too but the review of the blush was not so good so I had to skip it and stick to the lipstick only.

MAC Magrove can be described as matte red lipstick with hints of orange in it. The shade instantly brightens up my face and goes nicely with subtle makeup. The lipstick will suit fair to medium Indian skin tones mostly but if you are confident enough then I think you would be able to carry it.

The texture of the lipstick is matte but not drying like Ruby woo retro kind of matte. It easily glides on my lips without any effort of tugging and pulling of lips. The lipstick being matte might be drying after a couple of hours so properly exfoliated lips are ideal else it will look very uneven on dry lips.

The lipstick is as beautiful as its scent! I love MAC mostly because of its signature scent which is vanilla and it hardly irritates my sensitive nose. The lipstick transfers a bit for the first few hours on cups and glasses but not insanely and stays put for 6-7 hours on my lips nicely.

Swatches in natural light

My lip swatches with it

And here is how it looks on me

So here are the Pros of MAC Mangrove Proenza Schouler Lipstick:

  • Awesome packaging.
  • Nice shade.
  • Matte finish which I just love.
  • Vanilla scent of the lipstick.
  • Staying power is 6-7 hours.
  • No fading till 6 hours.
  • No tugging or pulling of the lips while applying lipstick

Cons of MAC Proenza Schouler Mangrove Lipstick:

  • Definitely one and edition.

Price: Rs.1350 (MAC has again increased the prices of the regular line so I bet the limited editions with this kind of nice packaging will be priced insanely)

Availability: Limited edition so already out of stock everywhere I guess.

VNA Rating: 4.5/5

Dupes: MAC lipstick lady dangerMAC retro matte dangerous and Scarlet Ibis

My final verdict: The lipstick is a really nice shade but it is quite dupeable. You can get dupe which are almost similar to this shade.

Have you tried MAC Mangrove? Share your views with us.

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