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MAC Magenta Lip Liner: Review, Swatches, Dupe


Review, Swatches, Price, Dupes of MAC Lip Liner Magenta

By Contributor: Aditi

Pink and MAC, two of my favourites in one. Let’s go in to the review and swatches of this really special product that I got on my recent trip to Kolkata, the MAC MAGENTA LIP PENCIL, but don’t be misguided by the name, the colour isn’t really a magenta, read on to know more.


My Review:

SHADE: the MAGENTA lip pencil, is a deep purplish pink with certain warm undertones even though in the hand swatch it looks more vibrant, on the lips it looks more deep and rich.

PS: magenta lip pencil and  flat out fabulous lipstick are surely match made in heaven.

Texture: to be true and as I say for all my MAC lip pencils they are not as smooth as the 9 to 5 lip pencils from lakme. But even though if I prep my lips 5 minutes before with my favourite nourishing TOKYOMILK lip balm, the pencil glides on relatively  smooth on the lips, but yeah in winter you surely have a hard time with these mac pencils. I have WHIRL lip pencil from the same range, and it gave me pretty bad days during winters. Even though these pencils are on the drier side in texture, they don’t end up flaky or patchy.

Pigmentation: even tough these pencils are dry in texture, the pigmentation in these are on point. They pack rich colour in one swipe, without being flaky or patchy so you don’t have to go on again and again dragging the colour. Instead one or at most two swipes are enough to cover the lips


Packaging: these are simple, really long, slim, sleek wooden pencils with all matte black body, with a plastic cap, that goes on pretty secure and tight. They have colour coded bottoms so if we store upside down, they are super easy to locate unlike the lipsticks which you have to pull out each time from the stash to see what colour it is.

Staying power: I never do the typical lip lining, or maybe say I don’t have enough precision to carefully outline my lips and then fill them in with the lipstick. Instead I always full in whole of my lips with the lip pencil it self and that stays on for me for about 4 to 5 hours with little snacking but it surely does need touch ups as it starts to fade from the middle of the lips.

In the lip swatches, the left picture is just the pencil and the right one is flat out fabulous lipstick over the pencil, so we can easily point out, the intensity in both the swatches is same, its as pigmented as the lipstick itself.


PROS of MAC Magenta Lip Liner:

  • Great variety of shades
  • Can be used on its own or underneath any lipstick
  • Very well pigmented
  • Does not smudge at all
  • Colour doesn’t transfer
  • Stays longer for 4-5 hours
  • Suitable for fair to medium Indian skin tones

CONS of MAC Magenta Lip Liner:

  • Texture is more on the drier side
  • The price, holy moly 1400, like a shoot out.


Price: Rs.1400

VNA Rating: 4/5

Dupe: Nyx Slim Lip Pencil Purple Rain is quite close

Overall thoughts: it does give out a little bit of a metallic or maybe a pinkish duo chrome effect in some lighting, but that’s like very little. I love wearing it on it’s own, gives me a nice purple tint. The downside I guess is the horrendous pricing, I mean 1400 for a lip pencil.. HELLO..!! Also the texture I expect when I pay this price is way more smooth than it actually is, when MAC charges us almost the price of a lipstick for a pencil, they sure should reformulate their  texture. The pigmentation is really impressive. Oerall one or two shades from the collection would not make you feel guilty.

Have you used MAC Magenta Lip Liner? Share your reviews with us.

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  1. These were the first things i got from MAC! :)
    always look forward to your reviews . The colour looks like perfection on your pout!


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